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One Piece 1052: Luffy is in Danger, Wano Kuni will be destroyed because of the Bustercall Led by Ryokugyu

Finally, One Piece 1052, can be confirmed for release this week.

The certainty of the release of One Piece 1052 is marked by the appearance of the spoiler yesterday.

In the spoiler, One Piece 1052 has a number of interesting surprises to discuss.

The following is a full discussion of One Piece 1052 entitled "New Morning".

Judging from the title, this chapter will discuss a lot about Wano Kuni's situation after Kozuki Momonosuke became Shogun.

The cover story of this chapter continues the story of the Germa 66 family.

The Germa 66 family meets the scientist Caesar Clown.

Is this a sign that Caesar Clown will join Germa 66? Interesting waiting for the answer.

If this is true it will be very interesting.

Because Vinsmoke Judge had worked with Caesar Clown in the past.

Entering the story chapter, you will be shown the 7-day situation in Wano Kuni after Momonosuke became Shogun.

Then the panel shows the Ancient Elephant leaving the still closed Wano Kuni border.

In the previous chapter, Momonosuke had told Zunisha that he would not open the Wano Kuni border first.

Zunisha also promised to return to Wano Kuni when the border was opened.

The next panel shows Basil Hawkins and X-Drake.

Hawkins explained the prophecy previously presented to X-Drake.

It turned out that the prediction of the one percent chance of survival was for him, not for X-Drake.

Hawkins also predicted Kaido's defeat from Luffy.

But Hakwins was reluctant to commit betrayal a second time.

Meanwhile, Apo and Ibi decided to form an alliance.

The reason is that after Kaido lost, Apo and Inbi were wandering around with no purpose.

Then there was shocking news from the Akazaya Nine.

Two Akazaya Nine, Ashura Doji and Izo, died in the Onigashima war.

Ashura died after saving his friends from the explosion.

Meanwhile Izo augur after fighting with Maha who is a CP0 agent.

Izo also managed to kill Maha with his gun.

This chapter also shows the situation of the Straw Hat crew having fun.

At the end of the chapter there is an unexpected surprise.

The surprise was the sending of Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) by Fleet Admiral Akainu to Wano Kuni.

Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) is heading to Wano Kuni with a buster call fleet.

The fleet buster call is the power the navy has to destroy an island.

This time the target of the bustell call is the island of Wano Kuni.

This is certainly a danger signal for Momonosuke and Luffy.

It looks like Luffy's alliance and the Wano samurai will fight against the navy in the future.

It's interesting to wait for the full story of One Piece 1052 which will be released this weekend.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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