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One Punch Man 166 Spoilers: Earth Threatened To Be Destroyed?

One Punch Man 166 Spoilers: Earth Threatened To Be Destroyed?

The epic battle between Garou and Saitama briefly stopped after Saitama was previously hit by an epic attack from Garou. 

In One Punch Man chapter 165 yesterday, Garou appeared to attack Saitama with the Gamma Ray Cosmic Burst technique, which made Saitama finally blow away. 

Not only that, previously Saitama had been hit by Garou's nuclear blow.

The effect of Garou's epic attack was truly powerful, where everyone at the battle site seemed to be dazzled. 

Seeing how terrifying Garou's power was, the heroes who were there were so scared when they saw Garou. 

This makes the villain finally feel that he has won, and has succeeded in realizing his dream.

Saitama and Garou's Serious Duel

One Punch Man 166 Spoilers: Earth Threatened To Be Destroyed?

The tension didn't stop there. 

In One Punch Man chapter 166, we see the continuation of what happened before. 

In that chapter, Bang seems to be trying to wake up Garou, who has lost consciousness due to God's power. 

Not only Bang, Blast finally appeared to prevent Garou from doing even more terrible actions against the earth.

However, the concern of the moment was how with the remnants of his power Genos tried to stop Garou. 

Unfortunately, these efforts were in vain. What happened was that Garou managed to destroy Genos' body, and he even took out the core from his body. 

In other words, Garou had already killed the figure of Genos. 

And ironically, he did that in front of Saitama.

Saitama was at first just speechless at this, and he realized and regretted how he was always late. 

In this moment, we again see how Saitama exerts his power and also uses serious mode. 

This time Saitama was really angry to see the figure of Genos dead in front of him. 

And because Garou and Saitama's fight was so dangerous, where both of them used serious mode, Blast was worried that the earth would be destroyed. 

And he also intends to transfer everyone to another dimension.

Cosmic Radiation Effect

One Punch Man 166 Spoilers: Earth Threatened To Be Destroyed?

Garou's serious attack on Saitama in fact not only made the main protagonist fly away. 

However, the effects of Garou's two previous attacks had succeeded in putting the earth in danger. 

In this chapter, the heroes or the people who were there bleed from their noses. 

Then, their hair started falling out until they were all unconscious.

All that happened was the effect of cosmic radiation that they had to receive due to Garou's Nuclear Fission Fist and Gamma Ray Burst Punch attacks. 

One by one the heroes must lose consciousness. 

In fact, Tareo's own figure had to feel the effects in the end. 

So far, there is no information whether this effect will also affect other cities.

However, it seems that by seeing how devastating the two attacks were, we can believe that not only other cities were affected, but the whole world as well. 

That is, hundreds of millions or even billions of people on earth are currently in the same condition as the heroes. 

They must lose consciousness and experience internal organ failure due to cosmic radiation.

In fact, the rain that fell when Saitama and Garou's battle took place turned black.

 In the real world, this can indeed happen due to several things, and one of them is the effect of radiation. 

The appearance of Blast who was worried about the condition of the earth also seemed to confirm this. 

Blast realizes that the condition of the earth is not only threatened because of Garou and Saitama. 

But also because people are currently in a state of helplessness.

Blast plans to transfer everyone to another dimension because the radiation level on earth is already very high. 

Will Blast do it? 

What will Blast do next to face Garou? 

Will Blast and Saitama be able to prevent the destruction of the earth? 

What is also an interesting question is how then they both try to remove the radiation that is there. 

Because, of course, the inhabitants of the earth will not be able to live in another dimension forever. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter!

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