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One Piece Theory 1052: Not Luffy, Zoro is the Holder of the Highest Bounty

The latest bounty value for the Straw Hat crew will be issued by the World Government in One Piece 1052.

It is known, in an instant the Straw Hat crew had managed to reach the same level as the Yonko.

This happened after Luffy and his friends managed to defeat two Yonko at once in the war on Onigashima.

This suddenly made the Straw Hat crew a big threat to the world government which made their bounty value go up drastically.

The Straw Hats have finally succeeded in proving the world that their power should not be underestimated.

One of the Straw Hat crew who is predicted to experience the biggest bounty increase is Zoro.

Undoubtedly the logo, Zoro is one of the strongest characters in the One Piece series during the Wano Arc.

Zoro is known to have done many extraordinary things while at Wano and Onigashima such as fighting with Kaido and Big Mom to issuing various signature moves.

He even managed to survive after getting a combined attack from Kaido and Big Mom so he still had time to attack the two Yonko.

Although his body was stiff after fighting the two Yonko, he then returned to fight and managed to defeat King after getting medicine from the Mink Tribe.

It's clear with these events Zoro will get a bounty increase in One Piece 1052.

With these various things, what is the appropriate bounty value given by the World Government to Zoro?

Based on various predictions circulating among One Piece fans, Zoro's latest bounty value is rumored to be higher than the Straw Hat captain, Luffy.

The latest bounty value that Zoro deserves now is 1,520 billion belly.

If Zoro gets the highest bounty value, what is the latest bounty value Luffy got in One Piece 1052?

It is known, Luffy's first bounty value was 30 million belly which later rose to 100 million belly.

When Luffy's bounty value is 100 million belly, Zoro gets his first bounty value of 60 million belly.

Luffy's bounty value then rose to 300 million belly, while Zoro's to 120 million belly.

When Luffy's bounty value becomes 500 million belly, Zoro's bounty value rises again to 320 million belly.

It's clear that Zoro's first to third bounty value is higher than Luffy's first bounty value.

Based on the pattern, Zoro always gets a higher bounty value than what Luffy had before.

Before defeating Kaido, Luffy was known to have a bounty of 1.5 billion belly.

So, it makes sense if Zoro's latest bounty value is 1,520 billion belly.

That means Zoro's latest bounty value will be 20 million belly higher than Luffy's bounty value in One Piece 1052.

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