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One Piece: Predicting Pluton's Shape & Power!

One Piece: Predicting Pluton's Shape & Power!

Ancient weapons are one of the interesting elements that appear in the story in Eiichiro Oda's One Piece series. 

As the name implies, Ancient Weapons is a powerful technology that reportedly emerged during the era of the lost century – or even before. 

Some fans also believe that Ancient Weapons are also the key to the power of the ancient kingdom.

Unfortunately, so far there is not much information that Oda Sensei has presented about ancient weapons, other than the number that there are three. 

The first ancient weapon was Neptune, then Uranus, and the third was Pluton. 

Until now, of the three ancient weapons that have appeared in the story, only two ancient weapons that we know about.

The first is Poseidon, which is actually not an object or something, but a person. In this case, Poseison is the daughter of Shirahoshi who has the ability to control all sea animals. 

For Uranus, the shape itself is still mysterious. 

So, what does Pluton look like? And what was the mighty power of one of those Ancient Weapons like?

About Pluton

One Piece: Predicting Pluton's Shape & Power!

Talking about ancient weapons, especially Pluton, there are actually some interesting things that have been presented in the story. 

Based on the existing information, which appears in the story, Pluton is an ancient weapon that has the shape of a ship. 

In addition, the ship is equipped with a formidable weaponry. 

Information about Pluton itself first appeared in the Alabasta arc.

That was the reason why Crocodile was trying so hard to take over the Alabasta territory. 

Crocodile himself believed that Pluton was in the Alabasta region. 

Then the second interesting thing is that Franky had the blueprint of the Pluton ship design before he burned it.

Based on the Poneglyph that Robin managed to solve earlier, Pluton itself is currently "sleeping". 

However, based on the latest information from chapter 1053, it turns out that all this time we have been wrong about the existence of Pluton. 

The Ancient Weapon is not in Alabasta so far, but in Wano.

This fact was revealed after Nico Robin asked Kozuki Sukiyaki about the truth of Pluton in Wano. 

According to Robin, the information she got was based on the writing on the Poneglyph in Alabasta. 

And Sukiyaki himself later confirmed this, saying that it was true that the Pluton Ancient Weapon was in Wano country.

How powerful is the ancient weapon?

One Piece: Predicting Pluton's Shape & Power!

As one of the Ancient Weapons, the power of Pluton, of course, we can say is extraordinary. 

According to available information, the awesomeness of Pluton is that it is able to sink all existing islands into the ocean. 

One attack from Pluton can sink an island. 

However, the details of his own abilities are still unknown.

To be sure, whoever controls or controls Pluton will reportedly be able to destroy the entire world. 

Because of this, Pluton – as well as other Ancient Weapons – cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Based on this description, it is natural that the Ancient Kingdom or whoever was the owner of Pluton at that time was a powerful figure.

Besides being able to destroy the island with just one attack, Pluton could have other strengths. 

Perhaps, one of these other abilities is flying, moving backwards, being able to change shape and size, and so on. 

It's not impossible if then Pluton has other abilities that are not on other ships.


One Piece: Predicting Pluton's Shape & Power!

Based on the explanation above, the conclusion is that Pluton is one of the Ancient Weapons that may have a shape like a ship. 

This is based on the information written on the Poneglyph in Alabasta. 

In addition, the reason why Pluton is probably a ship can be seen from the blueprint that might make Pluton mass-produced.

Also, Pluton has the nickname "The World's Worst Battleship".

That is, the power and awesomeness of Pluton is not kidding. 

And as it turns out, Pluton is actually not in Alabasta but in Wano. 

This was immediately confirmed by the former Shogun of Wano, Kozuki Sukiyaki.

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