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One Piece: Luffy Once Recruited Zombies

In the One Piece story, the Straw Hat Crew is a popular pirate group and is currently getting great attention from the World Government. 

It was they who challenged the Yonko in New World. 

Not just one, the Straw Hat Crew challenged two Yonko at once, namely Big Mom and Kaido. 

It was their success in defeating the Yonko that further increased their prestige. One Piece Luffy.

Looking back, how the process of this pirate group was formed is indeed extraordinary. At the beginning of the manga, 

Luffy says that he wants at least 10 people to join his crew before entering the Grand Line. 

One by one he began to recruit people who later joined the Straw Hat crew. 

Starting from Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, and of course Jinbe.

Most recently, Yamato volunteered to join the pirate group. 

Although the rest of the crew welcomed this, the decision still rests with Luffy. For now, we still don't know how Luffy will decide on this matter. 

However, many fans predict that Luffy will accept Yamato.

Talking about Luffy's recruits, some fans might know that Luffy doesn't just accept or invite someone to join his crew. 

Luffy is able to sense which characters are good or bad when he joins his crew. 

However, geeks need to know that Luffy himself has randomly recruited other characters to join his crew.

Before Luffy developed into a slightly more mature figure in terms of thinking and becoming a captain, Luffy often did strange and silly actions in his story. 

And one of the silly acts Luffy has ever done was recruiting zombies on Thriller Bark to be his crew. 

One of Luffy's habits at that time was that he could never stand when he saw strange creatures.

When he meets a strange or unique creature, Luffy immediately wants that character on his ship. 

This also happened to the zombies in Thriller Bark. Before heading to Sabaody Island, 

Luffy and his crew were trapped on Thriller Bark Island. 

The island that was originally the territory of Gecko Moria is full of the undead, created by Dr. Hogback.

Luffy and the rest of the crew were very surprised when they first arrived on the island. 

Even so, Luffy seemed excited to see the zombies. In fact, he even invited them to join before the rest of the Straw Hat crew scolded Luffy for doing something ridiculous. 

One of the zombies that Luffy is trying to recruit is Unigaro.

Who is Unigaro?

Unigaro is one of the wild zombies on Thriller Bark One Piece island. 

When the rest of the Straw Hats tried to find Nami's whereabouts, they then met the figure of Unigaro who was with another zombie, namely MocDonald. 

Instead of being afraid, Luffy is actually interested and amazed by Unigaro and even invites him to join. 

However, Unigaro himself didn't answer anything and it was Luffy who got angry from Zoro and the others.

Unigaro itself has a shape like a unicorn horse. 

However, we don't know whether this is a Hogback modification or indeed Unigaro is a zombie from a unicorn horse. 

Based on the number on his body, 

Unigaro is zombie number 42 in Thriller Bark. 

I think the Straw Hats would be an epic crew if they had zombies on their ship.

Even so, it seemed impossible if they made Unigaro into a crew. 

The reason, the zombies can not live under the sun. Their bodies will disintegrate when exposed to sunlight. 

On the other hand, the Straw Hat crew itself actually already has a "zombie" into their crew, namely Brook.

Let's just wait, geeks, whether Luffy will come back to recruit new unique members again or not.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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