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One Piece: How was the Road Poneglyph Created?

One Piece: How was the Road Poneglyph Created?

In the One Piece story there are many interesting objects or things that appear in it. 

Starting from devil fruit, Haki, to Poneglyph. 

Poneglyphs are very important items for pirates as well as everyone in the series. 

It is also one of the mysterious and rare objects in the world of One Piece.

A poneglyph is basically an artifact that sits on a boulder and usually contains a variety of information. 

For example about the history of events that exist in the world such as the events of the lost century or even about the secrets of the world. 

In addition, the Poneglyph also contains instructions on how to get someone to go to Laugh Tale Island.

Poneglyphs are written in a special language, and not many people can read Poneglyphs. 

One Piece: How was the Road Poneglyph Created?

Only a few pirates have managed to learn about this Poneglyph. 

In fact, there are also pirates who are deliberately looking for Poneglyphs to lead them to the last island to get One Piece.

The poneglyphs themselves have so far been divided into two. 

The first is the Road Poneglyph and the second is the Rio Poneglyph. 

There are four Road Poneglyphs, and they have different colors from the others. 

The Road Poneglyph has a red color. 

This color difference is an indication that the Road Poneglyph is the most important of the other Poneglyphs.

This is because in the Road Poneglyph there are instructions to be able to go to the last island, namely Laugh Tale. 

One Piece: How was the Road Poneglyph Created?

Talking about the Road Poneglyph and the Poneglyph as a whole, there are actually interesting things that many geeks may not know about this ancient artifact. 

There is much speculation that there is a reason why Wano has such a deep connection to the artifact.

Apart from the fact that the Kozuki clan is the one who created or carved the inscription on the stone, many fans believe that the reason why Wano is important to the Poneglyph is because the materials to make it are only available in the region. 

Then, where exactly do the ingredients for making Poneglyphs come from?

How Poneglyphs Are Formed

One Piece: How was the Road Poneglyph Created?

On the sky island there is information that the sea stone and also the sky island itself were created due to the presence of a substance or object called "Pryobloin".

The substance is deliberately thrown into the air by volcanic eruptions. 

Wano has one active volcano in the middle of its territory. The name of the mountain itself is Mount Fuji.

Oda may have deliberately presented a reference to the name of the mountain from the name of the original mountain in Japan. 

Based on information from one of the inhabitants of the sky island, Pagaya, when the Pyrobloin merged with the water in the air, the sky island was finally formed. 

Many believe that Pyrobolin is a soft material.

However, when later these materials are mixed with other materials, which are much harder, then we will see sea stone technology. 

In essence, Pryobloin is a material commonly used to create something extraordinary, strong, and sturdy like a Poneglyph. 

With existing materials, such as Pyrobloin, emerging from the volcano, it seems natural that Wano would then become the territory of the creator of Poneglyphs and sea stones.

Perhaps, in the world of One Piece there are many other volcanoes in other regions. 

However, the quality of Pyrobloin in other regions is not as good and strong as the material from Wano. 

Perhaps that is also the reason why the World Government and even other parties are trying to buy weapons or other technology from Wano. 

We can see this when CP-0 tries to buy weapons from Orochi.

Meanwhile, the reason why later the Kozuki clan created Poneglyphs and why only they can write or engrave inscriptions on Poneglyphs is still a mystery. 

Even so, with the battle at Onigashima now over, maybe we will find out other secrets including about this Poneglyph.

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