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One Piece 1053: Shanks Heads to Wano to Prevent Admiral Green Bull from arriving in Samurai Land

Until One Piece 1053 approached, there was a prediction regarding the intentions and goals of Admiral Green Bull coming to Wano.

Then it will be shown the Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy's alliance troops who are surprised to see the arrival of a Marine Admiral to Wano.

Is it possible that the Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy's allied forces will directly clash with Admiral Ryokugyu?

On the other hand, it was revealed that Admiral Ryokugyu came to Wano of his own free will, without any orders from the world government, the Gorosei or Fleet Admiral Akainu.

Of course, with this making many fans curious, maybe in One Piece 1053 it will be revealed what the real purpose of Admiral Ryokugyu went to Wano.

Then as Oda sensei knows all this time he has always used a concept similar to the time when he would introduce a new Admiral and would highlight a character in a certain arc.

For example, when Akoji was still serving as a Navy Admiral in chapter 227, where Aokiji followed Nico Robin, who at that time had officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates on Long Ring Long Island.

Then at that time Aokiji showed the power he had, which immediately made the Straw Hat Pirates' crew not move, at which time Luffy's entire body froze due to the power of Aokiji's Logia Hie Hie no Mi-type Devil Fruit.

At that time Aokiji was alone without a Navy fleet, fighting the Straw Hat Pirates.

Then Admiral Kizaru was introduced in chapter 398 to be precise on Sabaody Island, where Admiral Kizaru arrived on Sabaody Island because he was ordered by the world government to capture the Straw Hat Pirates.

Because at that time Luffy beat up one of the Tenryuubito at the auction, the reason why Luffy hit the Tenryuubito, was because the Tenryuubito had shot Hachi.

But at that time all the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates were having a hard time dealing with the insane power of just one Admiral.

But at that time they were rescued by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, in which Kuma was actually a subordinate of Luffy's father, Monkey D Dragon.

Because they were saved by Bartholomew Kuma they managed to escape from Admiral Kizaru's ambush.

Even now, the Navy doesn't know what Bartholomew Kuma's goal is to save Luffy and his entire crew.

Then after that the introduction of Admiral Fujitora in chapter 701 to be precise at the Dressrosa Arc.

However, the meeting of the Straw Hat Pirates with Admiral Fujitora while in Dressrosa is not the same as their encounter with the previous Admiral, where their encounter with Fujitora in the beginning did not have a clash or fight.

Then what about the first meeting between the Straw Hat crew and Admiral Ryokugyu?

Will there be a clash or a fight?

There is a speculation that has been circulating, stating that the meeting of Admiral Ryokugyu and the Straw Hat crew is exactly the same as the meeting with Fujitora, in which case there will be no fight at the beginning.

There was a suspicion that something interesting would happen before Ryokugyu set foot in Wano.

Then there was an assumption that Admiral Ryokugyu would be blocked by someone from going to Wano.

The one who will block Admiral Ryokugyu's movement to Wano is Akagami no Shanks.

Then here is a prediction that there will be a meeting moment between old friends, namely Luffy and Shanks.

Because with the defeat of the two Yonko due to Luffy and his allied forces, the Akagami no Shanks started to move.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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