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One Piece 1053 : Ryokugyu Descendant of Shimotsuki Ushimaru, Zoro's Father Revealed

 One Piece 1053 is said to be the last chapter of the Wano arc.

After One Piece 1053, Oda Sensei is planning to take a month off to prepare for the Final Saga.

Looking forward to the final chapter before Oda Sensi's hiatus, there's been a lot of speculation about the character who appeared at the end of the 1052 panel.

The character Admiral Ryokugyu or Green Bull is allegedly going to give a big surprise in One Piece 1053.

It could be that his arrival to Wano will reveal a secret related to one of the Straw Hat crew.

The reason is, Ryokugyu's arrival to Wano was not on the orders of Sakazuki or Gorosei, but probably for personal reasons.

Ryokugyu who is thought to be a samurai is thought to have come from Wano.

He is likely related to the Shimotsuki family, especially Ushimaru.

Shimotsuki Ushimaru was already declared dead during the fight against Kaido.

However, at the same age as Kozuki Oden's father, especially as a daimyo, he is suspected of having children.

There are allegations that the child is Admiral Ryokugyu, this theory seems to be supported by several clues.

First, the scene of Ushimaru with Onimaru when the daimyo wears a robe with a green bull on the back.

Of course the green bull is the meaning of the Admiral's nickname, the Green Bull.

In addition, Ushi has the meaning of bull, which seems to confirm this assumption.

Oda Sensei in SBS volume 101 had said that he wanted to describe the descendants of Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

Those words add to the belief that it is Ryokugyu who is the son of Ushimaru, plus how Oda Sensei makes this character very mysterious.

The surprising thing is that Oda Sensei has indeed denied the suspicion that Ushimaru is the father of Roronoa Zoro.

But he also said our marumo is very similar to the ringo daimyo.

That statement seems to say that even though Zoro is not Ushimaru's son, he is indeed a descendant of Shimotsuki.

This gave rise to the theory that Zoro was the son of Ryokugyu.

The appearance of the three of them is almost the same, first, Zoro who didn't eat for 9 days because he was detained by the Marines.

Then Ryokugyu claimed not to eat for several years, and in chapter 1024, Ushimaru didn't eat because he was detained by Kaido.

Ushimaru also mentions that a samurai doesn't need to eat, while another similarity between Ryokugyu and Zoro is that they are both fed by beautiful women.

However, in the context of Ryokugyu, it was a wish, while Zoro was indeed given an onigiri by a beautiful little girl.

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