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One Piece 1053 Reddit Spoiler: Wano Arc Enters Part Three, Luffy and Buggy Become New Emperors

There is One Piece 1053 Reddit spoilers. Greetings to this article.

This One Piece 1053 Reddit spoiler was taken from the One Piece Reddit Forum.

In the contents of One Piece 1053 Reddit spoilers there are interesting things to discuss.

Here are some interesting things to cover in the One Piece 1053 Reddit spoiler.

It is known in the previous chapter that there are two interesting things that will happen in One Piece 1053.

The two interesting things are the emergence of a new Yonkou and an update on the Straw Hat bounty.

Sure enough, those two things began to be answered in the One Piece 1053 spoiler.

In the spoiler, Buggy is said to be the New Emperor.

It could be interpreted that Buggy became the new Emperor of the Ocean or Yonkou.

Buggy is not alone, because it was mentioned that Luffy became a Yonkou.

This fact at the same time dismisses the assumptions that circulated before the release of One Piece 1053.

Previously there was an assumption that the next Yonkou would be Kid and Law.

It turns out that Oda prefers BUggy and Luffy to become Yonkou instead of Kaido and Big Mom.

Then it is also mentioned in Luffy's spoiler, Kid and Law have the same bounty.

However, it has not been revealed how much the actual bounty prices for Luffy, Kid and Law are.

Then the bounty price of Buggy who became a Yonkou was not mentioned in the One Piece spoiler this time.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that the Wano Arc is not over yet. Currently the Wano Arc is entering its third chapter.

Finally, there is important information that One Piece fans should not miss.

After One Piece 1053, this Japanese manga will be on vacation for approximately four weeks.

The One Piece manga holiday is related to Oda who is directly involved in the cultivation of One Piece Live Action in South Africa.

It's interesting to wait for the full spoiler for One Piece 1053 which will be released this week.

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