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One Piece 1053 Reddit Spoilers: Luffy and the New Buggy Yonko, Hitetsu is Oden's Father

One Piece manga 1053 officially releases on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at Mangaplus Shueisha.

Ahead of its release, story leaks have emerged.
As in the previous spoiler, Luffy and Buggy become the new Yonkou.

The two became Yonko with Shanks and Teach 'Kurohige'.
That means the current Yonko are Luffy, Buggy, Shanks, and Teach.

Meanwhile Big Mom and Kaido are no longer Yonko.

In addition, the wanted posters of Luffy, Captain Kid and Trafalgar Law also appeared.

Both Luffy, Kid and Law have a bounty of 3 billion Berries.

One Piece manga 1053 carries the title 'The New Emperor'.

On page 3, the Gorosei protest over the image used on Luffy's wanted poster.

The Gorosei also asked to apply for the name 'D'.

Gorosei then contacted Morgans, president of the World Economy News Paper, asking to stop publishing the news.

However, Morgan actually likes Luffy's mystique and still wants to spread the news around the world.

Pages 4-5 show Morgans very excited about the big news regarding Yonko Kaido and Big Mom who have supported me.

He also explained that the pirate captains, Monkey D Luffy, Eustass Captain Kid, and Trafalgar Law brought down the two Yonko.

According to him, that was the reason why the World Government increased the bounty prices by 3 billion berries each.

The story moves to Udon, one of the areas in Wonokuni.
Kid's men are happy to know the Captain's bounty is 3 Billion Berries.

Apoo asks where Kid is, and Killer replies that Kid might be in the Flower Capital to party.

On page 6 it shows Jinbe enjoying a soup made of cloud ear mushrooms and crown daisies.

On page 7 it is shown that the party has taken place, and the residents are free of charge.

Luffy, Yamato and Chopper were there.

The three of them are very happy and want to try all the available games like shooting and scooping goldfish.

Luffy wants Yakisoba and Takoyaki, Yamato wants grilled squid and candy apple, while Chopper sticks with his cotton candy.

Yamato said that this was his first experience at the festival.

Luffy asks Brook to play a song and maybe Hiyori sings.

On page 8 tells the situation under the Castle.
Hitetsu talks to Robin.

It turns out that the place where Robin is going is a secret hobby room and where Hitetsu is imprisoned.

Then Hitetsu said that his name was Kozuki Sukiyaki.

Kozuki Sukiyaki is the father of Kozuki Oden which means the grandfather of Momonosuke and Hiyori.

He said that he was the one who let Orochi take over Wano.

After Oden and Wano's transformed deaths, Sukiyaki has a desire to commit seppuku.

On page 10, Robin discusses the ancient weapon "Pluton".

Poneglyphs in the kingdom of Alabasta show that Pluton is in Wano.

Hitetsu confirmed this.

On page 11, King and Queen meet Ryokugyu.

Looks like both of them were defeated by Ryokugyu.

Through Den Den Mushi, Ryokugyu announced that he was in Wano.

He asked Sakazuki not to know of his whereabouts in Wano.

It looks like Ryokugyu is after Luffy.

On pages 16-17, Kid tells the news regarding the new Yonko.

It shows that Shanks, Luffy, Buggy, and Teach are Yonko.

Luffy was surprised that he became a Yonko.

Ryokugyu admits that the music from the festival is pleasant to hear, but says that the outside world is falling apart.

After chapter 1053, the One Piece manga will be on holiday for four weeks.

Although interesting, the above is still a spoiler, for a definite and more complete story, we look forward to the official release of the One Piece 1053 manga in Indonesian.

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