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Boruto: Know the Tenseigan Rare Doujutsu!

Boruto: Know the Tenseigan Rare Doujutsu!

Doujutsu or which means eye moves, is a special Kekkei Genkai that not everyone can have in Boruto stories. 

There are several factors that influence a ninja to have Doujutsu, such as heredity. 

Each Doujutsu has its own function and use. 

And so far, Masashi Kishimoto has introduced many types of Doujutsu. 

The most popular of course are the Byakugan, Sharingan, and also the Rinnegan.

Even so, with the emergence of a sequel to the Naruto series and various other stories such as feature films, Kishimoto also introduced other Doujutsu. 

One of them is Tenseigan.

 For now, Tenseigan itself has not appeared too much in the series. 

Then, what exactly is the Tenseigan? 

How powerful is this Doujutsu?

What is a Tenseigan in Boruto

Boruto: Know the Tenseigan Rare Doujutsu!

Tenseigan is the kekkei genkai of the Otsutsuki clan. 

Apart from Otsutsuki, so far no one else has it. 

And based on the available information only a few people from the clan have this ability. 

One example is Hamura Otsutsuki and his descendants on the moon

Tenseigan can be active if someone has the ability Doujutsu Byakugan which is then combined with the chakra belonging to the Otsutsuki clan. 

We can see this when Toneri Otsutsuki tries to activate this Doujutsu. 

He combined his chakra with the Doujutsu Byakugan which he took from the figure of Hanabi Hyuuga.

So far, besides Hamura Otsutsuki, another figure who has the ability to Doujutsu Tenseigan is Toneri Otsutsuki. 

The strength and abilities of the Tenseigan itself are almost similar to the Rinnegan. 

Users of this Doujutsu are known to be able to control gravity or the attraction of the earth or planets, so they are able to move the position of the moon.

In addition, Tenseigan is also active when in a state of urgency. 

Thus, the user can issue a jutsu that wraps their body in Chakra mode to strengthen themselves. 

With the ability to control the attraction of a planet, the user can easily destroy planets such as the earth or the moon if they so desire.

Because Kishimoto still doesn't have much Tenseigan in the story, there isn't much information that we can know about this Doujutsu. 

Tenseigan itself last appeared in the film The Last: Naruto the Movie. 

In the film, using the power of this Tenseigan Doujutsu, Toneri is about to destroy the moon and the earth. 

However, lucky Naruto then managed to stop him.

Most Rare Doujutsu

Boruto: Know the Tenseigan Rare Doujutsu!

With the awesomeness that has appeared in the story, fans of course are waiting for other information about this Tenseigan. 

Moreover, currently the Otsutsuki clan is the main focus in the Boruto series. 

Talking about the Tenseigan and also the Otsutsuki clan, for now we can say this Doujutsu is the rarest Doujutsu. 

Why is that? 

Because, not many other Otsutsuki have or use this Doujutsu.

As explained above, so far only two Otsutsuki have used the power of this Doujutsu. 

Even so, there may still be many other Tenseigan Doujutsu users who haven't appeared in the story that Kishimoto could introduce in the future. 

This is because Kishimoto himself still has not provided complete information about the Otsutsuki clan itself. 

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