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Jujutsu Kaisen 188 Spoilers: Kinji Hakari VS Hajime Kashimo

Jujutsu Kaisen 188 Spoilers: Kinji Hakari VS Hajime Kashimo

The fight between Kinji Hakari and Hajime Kashimo is still ongoing.

In the previous Jujutsu Kaisen chapter we saw how Kashimo began to understand and understand Hakari's Domain Expansion. 

He also launched various epic attacks that almost cost Hakari's life. 

However, how the fight continued is still a mystery

In yesterday's chapter 188, Kashimo revealed an interesting fact where the Cursed Energy originates from the stomach, and is then reversed using the mind. 

That's the reason why a shot in the head is an effective way to finish off a Jujutsu mage. 

However, this does not seem to apply to the figure of Kinji Hakari because he can heal the wound thanks to the abundance of Cursed Energy.

Kashimo then again attacked Hakari using the lightning he had gathered in his wand. 

And the lightning strike managed to produce a fatal wound on Hakari's body. 

Had thought that this was his victory, it turned out that Kinji Hakari had re-accessed his Domain Expansion which made Kashimo surprised by what had happened.

Jujutsu Kaisen 188 Spoiler 

Jujutsu Kaisen 188 Spoilers: Kinji Hakari VS Hajime Kashimo

Based on the leaks, when they were in Hakari's Domain Expansion, Kashimo then realized that there was something different in the Expansion Domain. 

The rotation of the slot machines in the Domain Expansion has increased in speed. 

Even though the spin is much faster than usual, Hakari's probability or chance of hitting the jackpot is still high at 1/239.

Not long after, Hakari fell unconscious and became unconscious. 

However, after he hit the jackpot again, his limitless Cursed Energy returned. 

As a result, Hakari regained consciousness and regained her strength. 

After hitting each other again, Hakari throws Kashimo into the ocean. 

Due to Kashimo's Cursed Energy, all of his power will be neutralized by the water until it all disappears.

Except, if Kashimo stopped using his technique so that no Curse Energy would be wasted. 

Kashimo also uses a low-level Cursed Spirit to keep him afloat. 

However, Hakari then went where Kashimo was and kicked him back into the ocean. 

Kashimo then uses his Curse Technique to produce chlorine by means of electrolysis.

The smell of the chlorine managed to make Hakari fall into the sea. 

Kashimo then got the idea that the way to compensate for the Reversed Cursed Technique was to poison the user. 

Because, poison will be very difficult to heal compared to ordinary wounds. 

Kashimo himself was surprised that Hakari was able to heal him.

Kashimo then realized that Hakari was not using the Reversed Cursed Technique. 

As the fight resumed, Kashimo then used a special technique that was able to create a powerful explosion.


Jujutsu Kaisen 188 Spoilers: Kinji Hakari VS Hajime Kashimo

The spoiler itself doesn't explain how fast the engine spins. 

From the previous chapters, we can conclude that Hakari needs time for every round he does. 

And every time Hakari accesses his Expansion Domain, the time he needs in the Expansion Domain as well as the number of rounds remaining from each time he accesses it will decrease.

There was no explanation where the cursed spirit that Kashimo used came from. 

However, it could be that he created it. 

The explosion that appeared due to Kashimo's special technique was not impossible to cause serious injuries to Hakari's body. 

And it will be interesting to see what Hakari will do with his Domain Expansion, and how Kashimo will handle it.

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