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3 More Enemies That Luffy Must Defeat Before One Piece ends, Who is he?

After the Wano Arc ends, the One Piece story will certainly not end just like that.

Monkey D Luffy still has to face a number of enemies in order to get the One Piece treasure and become the Pirate King.

The following is a discussion of One Piece regarding the enemies that will be faced by Luffy.

The long battle between Luffy and one of the strongest Yonkou in the world, Kaido, finally ended.
Many interesting moments that appear throughout the fight between the two.

An example is how Luffy lost many times to Kaido until he finally activated a hidden power.

After the Gorosei revealed that Luffy's original devil fruit name was the Hito Hito no Mi model Nika, the Straw Hat captain managed to awaken his Awakening power.

Even so, it is almost certain that Kaido is not the last opponent that Luffy has to face before becoming the Pirate King.

Eiichiro Oda said that the One Piece story has only been running at 80 percent and this indicates that Luffy still has to face a number of enemies.

1. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki Akainu

Akainu's name became famous since the big battle at Marineford occurred.

In addition to providing fierce resistance to the strongest human in the world, Whitebeard, Akainu also managed to kill Ace in front of Luffy.

It is natural that the fight between Luffy and Akainu is the battle that One Piece fans have been waiting for.

The duel between the two is very possible because Luffy has a personal grudge.

If there is a chance, the Straw Hat captain will certainly not refuse to fight Akainu and avenge his brother.

Coupled with Luffy's current strength which has increased dramatically, the battle between the two will be fierce.

2. Marshall D Teach aka Blackbeard

The fight between Luffy and Blackbeard is also the battle that fans have been waiting for the most.

With the same dream of becoming the Pirate King, a duel between the two is inevitable.

The duel between Luffy and Blackbeard will determine who the real Pirate King is.

Moreover, Luffy once said that he would defeat all of the current Yonkou and Blackbeard was one of them.

It is believed that Blackbeard will be Luffy's last obstacle before reaching Laugh Tale and becoming the Pirate King.

3. Imu aka Im Sama

Until now, Oda has not revealed the identity and strength of Im Sama.
However, it is certain that Im Sama has the most important position in the World Government organization.

Even the Gorosei even bowed before him and this indicated that Im Sama was the number one person in the World Government.

He was the one responsible for the massacre of the Ohara residents and the historical disappearance of the Void Century.

Because Luffy dreams of destroying everything that restricts people's freedom, that means the Straw Hat captain will destroy the World Government including Im Sama in it.

Thus a number of enemies that Luffy predicts must be defeated before he finally finds One Piece and becomes the Pirate King.

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