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One Piece 1052 Reddit Spoiler: A Bad Story After Wano, Sabo and Vivi's Fate Between Life and Death

The spoiler story of One Piece 1052 enters the final chapter of wano, as far as the story goes, what is the fate of Sabo and Vivi between Life and Death.

Until One Piece 1052 this is still a mystery and has not been answered how the bad story of those involved in the reverie conflict.

Here's the explanation quoted from Reddit.

What if Oda was preparing for a major tragedy towards the end of Wano.
What the Strawhats and their close allies outside of Wano will experience (Sabo, Vivi and Hancock)

As is known now where the 2 Yonko were dropped in the New World, yes, Kaido and Big Mom.

Wano has similarities and parallels with the Water 7 Saga arcs such as Enies Lobby and Post-Enies Lobby.

Enies Lobby is a pre-timeskip arc that sees Strawhats get the latest power-ups.

That they had ever gotten in one arc so they could overcome defeating the strongest opponent they had faced back then.

At the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, we had a big party, new Strawhats, etc.

Towards the end of Post-Enies Lobby, a tragedy occurred outside Enies Lobby with Ace being beaten by Blackbeard and brought to Impel down.

Similarly, Wano is the post-time jump arc that makes up most of the Straw Hats.

Especially the Monster Trio, gaining the most power they've ever had.

In one arc so that they can overcome defeating the strongest opponent they have ever faced and to reach the emperor level crew level.

At Post Wano, we're having a big party, probably Strawhat.

Towards the end of Post Wano, I think there will be a tragedy involving people outside of Wano who are close to the Strawhats, similar to the events from the Post Enies Lobby.

But because this arc is the darkest and most oppressed arc for citizens in the history of One Piece.

As well as the story of their close allies outside. Wano (Sabo, Vivi, Hancock,) will experience a great tragedy as soon as Wano ends.

Just thought that there really needed to be a major tragedy in the New World for Strawhats to have a great story for fans.

We think of the tragedy that happened before the Wano country ended, with the hope that the citizens and alliances can survive the tragedy.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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