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One Piece: Oda Makes Luffy a Yonko?

In the One Piece story, after the events in the Whole Cake Island arc, there were those who predicted that Monkey D. Luffy would become the fifth ruler of the ocean, aka the fifth Yonko. 

Indeed, it was too much news to appear in the Morgan newspapers. 

This happened after Luffy and the Straw Hats managed to escape from Big Mom's pursuit.

However, slowly it seems Luffy is starting to prove this. During the Wano Country arc, Luffy experienced a lot of power ups. 

One of the things that Luffy is trained in is his Haki ability. In Udon Prison, he trains Ryuo and Advanced Ryuo with Hyogoro. 

And at first, everything Luffy did to confront Kaido seemed in vain.

Kaido is still too strong for Luffy. Kaido managed to knock Luffy unconscious more than twice in the battle at Onigashima. 

In fact, Kaido had dropped Luffy into the ocean after he managed to make Luffy unconscious. 

Even so, there was one thing that developed suddenly in the middle of the battle. 

That is how Luffy's Ruler Haki has increased drastically.

Luffy realizes that it's not Weapon Haki that makes Kaido strong and immortal, but Ruler Haki which he infuses with each attack as well as his body. 

This is what then makes Luffy adapt, by carrying out attacks that are coated with Ruler's Haki. 

The result is quite effective in making Kaido fall even though it is not strong enough to beat him.

Luffy's Awakening in One Piece

The pinnacle of Luffy's rise against Kaido was not when Luffy finally succeeded in increasing his Ruler Haki. But when Luffy managed to awaken the power of the devil fruit he had. 

As it appears in the story, Luffy's devil fruit is not the Gomu Gomu as we know it.

Luffy's real devil fruit turns out to be the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika and is part of the Mythical Zoan. This devil fruit resurrected after Luffy was knocked back unconscious by Kaido. 

The resurrection of this devil fruit was also very unexpected, because Zunesha then felt that there was a Joy Boy figure around Onigashima. 

Zunesha also said that she was able to hear the drums of freedom, a sound she had not heard for the past 800 years.

And finally, we can see how powerful the awakening power of Luffy's devil fruit is. Since chapter 1044 to chapter 1049 yesterday, we saw how Kaido was surprised and did not expect that Luffy's power could be so terrible. 

Kaido was so amazed to see the power of Luffy.

Luffy Becomes the New Yonko

After a long and tiring battle between Luffy and Kaido, in chapter 1049 yesterday we finally saw how Luffy managed to turn things around. 

With the Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun technique, Luffy managed to beat Kaido to the ground in the flower capital. Luffy really put all his strength to beat Kaido.

However, there is still no official confirmation whether Kaido has indeed lost. 

This is different from the fight between Big Mom against Kid and Law, where Big Mom has really lost where the narration even wrote it. 

For Kaido himself in chapter 1049 yesterday there was still no narration that said that Kaido lost.

This means that Kaido still has a chance to get back up again. Even so, we can assume that Kaido will likely lose to Luffy. 

Then, what will happen next? Maybe, Luffy will replace Kaido's position as a Yonko. 

This change is certainly not something new.

We can see the figure of Blackbeard as a real example of this. Blackbeard is one of the Yonko whose position is as a replacement for Whitebeard. 

This happened after Whitebeard managed to defeat Blackbeard, in the battle at Marineford. 

Seeing this, of course it is not impossible if Luffy will also replace Kaido after defeating him.

However, the big question then is whether Luffy really wants to become a Yonko. 

With his big dream being to become the pirate king, maybe Luffy will choose to give his position to someone else and continue his adventure to Laugh Tale. 

However, what is certain is that Luffy could be Kaido's replacement as a Yonko after everything is over. 

What do you guys think, will Luffy be willing to accept the offer as a Yonko? Let's just wait, geeks for the next story in One Piece.

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