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Boruto: Senrigan Stronger Than Sharingan?

The figure of Eida is currently a hot topic of discussion among fans of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. 

This is because Eida has a very powerful power that is even capable of surpassing the power of the Sharingan. Eida has a Doujutsu called Senrigan. 

The doujutsu is combined with another mysterious power where people can fall in love with Eida without any reason.

With the combination of these two powerful powers, Eida is currently one of the most powerful characters in the series. 

As geeks already know, Doujutsu is a very popular ninja technique and ability in the Naruto world. 

This technique allows the user to use the power of their eyes for various things.

In the world of Naruto itself there are three Doujutsu that are very popular among fans; Rinnegan, Byakugan, and Sharingan. Of the three Doujutsu Sharingan is a very popular Doujutsu from this franchise. 

Sharingan itself is the Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha clan. Almost all Uchiha clan has this epic Doujutsu.

Sharingan itself gives the user the ability to be able to read enemy movements, read the opponent's weak points, predict movements, and so on. 

What is remarkable is that the Sharingan is able to evolve into the Mangeky Sharingan, which is the perfect form of the Sharingan. 

Of course, the technique that users can use when activating the Mangeky Sharingan is even more powerful.

The user is able to activate the Amaterasu technique, a very hot black flame that cannot be extinguished before its target is destroyed. 

Then able to awaken Susanoo, and even able to teleport. 

However, the Boruto series then introduces us to another god-level Doujutsu which is none other than Senrigan. 

And for now, Senrigan is the most powerful Doujutsu in Naruto world.

Senrigan Stronger than Sharingan?

Senrigan is a new Doujutsu appearing in the Boruto series. An explanation of Senrigan itself just appeared in chapter 70 yesterday. 

Based on Amado's explanation, Senrigan is a Doujutsu that allows Eida to know what is happening in various locations or hear whatever is there.

This is what then makes Code ask for Eida's help to be the "eyes" and "ears" for his plan. In addition, 

Amado also explained that Senrigan could make Eida see what happened in the past as well as the future. 

Nothing can be kept secret from Eida's figure through the eyes of the Senrigan.

Whatever plans people tried to do to harm Eida or attack Eida, Eida would know right away. 

This was also proven in yesterday's chapter 70, where Eida was able to find out what Shikamaru meant. 

In the previous chapter, Shikamaru tried to make an offer to Eida by meeting him with Kawaki.

It was actually a grand plan that Shikamaru devised to reverse their situation. 

However, in chapter 70 yesterday Eida finally saw Shikamaru's true intentions by making the offer. 

And Eida finally rejected the offer that Shikamaru made because he knew what Shikamaru had planned.

Eida Rules the World in the Boruto Universe?

Of the many Jutsus that exist in the Naruto world and can be performed by Sharingan users, Infinite Tsukuyomi is the most powerful. 

With the most powerful Genjutsu technique, the user of the technique can trap or confine the entire world in an illusion they create. 

However, it is certainly not easy for someone to then activate this extraordinary Jutsu.

It takes a long process and preparation so that the technique can run properly. However, it is different with Senrigan. 

If Eida wanted to, she could have ruled the world without needing to use techniques like Infinite Tsukuyomi. 

Eida can enslave the entire human race as well as influential people with her Doujutsu.

With her Senrigan, Eida is able to see and keep an eye on everyone, making sure that nothing escapes her sight or scrutiny. 

For now, we still haven't seen much of Senrigan's full potential. Kishimoto just showed a little of the power of this Doujutsu. 

Of course it will be very interesting to see what happens when this Doujutsu is used in combat.

Based on the explanation above, with all the greatness of Senrigan that has not yet been presented, it is only natural that Senrigan has more power than the Sharingan. 

Sharingan is indeed one of the extraordinary Doujutsu, but the level of Senrigan is far above the Sharingan.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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