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One Piece: Oda Confirms Winner Between Haki vs Devil Fruit?!

One Piece: Oda Confirms Winner Between Haki vs Devil Fruit?!

Devil fruit is one of the important elements in the One Piece story. 

In fact, the existence of devil fruit has been introduced since the beginning of the story, at which time Shanks introduced the Gomu Gomu fruit to Luffy. 

Devil fruit itself is often called the "treasure of the ocean" and the devil fruit gives extraordinary powers to those who consume it.

However, of course there is a "price" to pay for this, namely that devil fruit users cannot swim. 

Although not all devil fruit powers are perfect or extraordinarily powerful, what is certain is that devil fruits give more abilities to those who consume them. 

Fans often debate which one is stronger between Devil Fruits and Haki.

Haki is a form of embodiment of the user's willpower. 

By manifesting this determination in the form of strength, the user can increase the strength he has. 

For example, reading the opponent's movements, knowing the opponent's condition, hardening certain body parts so that they are able to withstand the opponent's attacks, and so on.

One Piece: Oda Confirms Winner Between Haki vs Devil Fruit?!

Even though fans often debate which one is more powerful or which one is superior, Oda Sensei seems to have an answer for that. This was shown in chapter 1047 yesterday. 

In that chapter we saw the continuation of the fight between Kaido and Luffy. 

Kaido then mentioned to Luffy that a strong devil fruit is not enough to be able to conquer the entire ocean.

Kaido had mentioned the figure of Gol D. Roger where he mentioned that Roger managed to conquer the ocean and become the pirate king without the help of a devil fruit. 

Kaido then asserts that to be able to conquer the seas that a pirate needs to have is the power of Haki.

There are several things that make Haki superior to devil fruits:

1. Haki makes the user feel the surroundings even though it does not rely on the ability of the five senses.

2. Haki allows the user to see into the future.

3. Haki makes the user able to be protected from various attacks, either direct attacks or using weapons.

4. Haki allows the user to increase his attack power and also surpass the power of devil fruit. In fact, the durability of its users will increase.

5. Haki allows the user to impose this will power on other living beings.

6. Haki allows the user to cover part or all of his body with this willpower. It is also possible for the power of Haki to be coated on the weapon and affect the surrounding environment.

Haki represents the power of will in One Piece, and will power is described in the story as a power that has potentially no limits. 

A real example of this we can see from the figure of Luffy. 

What Kaido is trying to tell Luffy is that no matter how much one's abilities – especially with the help of a devil fruit – with a strong will power (Haki) that ability will be able to be surpassed.

One Piece: Oda Confirms Winner Between Haki vs Devil Fruit?!

Both high-level Haki and devil fruit awakening are equally extraordinary, as shown in this battle in Onigashima. 

However, Oda often shows that high-level Haki is a little more epic and more powerful than the devil fruit awakening power.

And judging by what is presented in the story, maybe this is true. 

Doflamingo is known to have succeeded in awakening the power of the Ito Ito no Mi, but he is much weaker than Luffy or someone far above him. 

Katakuri is also one of the characters who rely on the devil fruit Awakening as a source of strength.

One Piece: Oda Confirms Winner Between Haki vs Devil Fruit?!

However, even though Katakuri is a strong figure and has never been defeated at all, he is not among the ranks of characters who are considered the most powerful or at a level above him. 

Katakuri and Doflamingo did manage to awaken their devil fruit powers, and they were also able to use Conqueror Haki.

However, the fact was that they couldn't use Advanced Conqueror Haki. 

Oda himself even presented a dialogue that could be said to be proof that Advanced Conqueror Haki's abilities were superior to Awakening. 

An example of this is how fans were hyped up by how Luffy activated Advanced Conqueror Haki compared to the moment when Law and Kid awakened his devil fruit powers.

One Piece: Oda Confirms Winner Between Haki vs Devil Fruit?!

Kaido himself even said that only those who were considered the most powerful, only a few strong people, could use Advanced Conqueror Haki. 

Although not all strong characters in the series use Advanced Conqueror Haki, usually those who use Advanced Conqueror Haki are among the strongest.

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that the power of Haki is far superior to the power of devil fruit. This is also recognized by the most powerful being in the world, Kaido.

Even though Devil Fruit Awakening has extraordinary power, as some have shown, it is still superior to High Level Haki. 

This is proven by only a few people who are able to use their powers, and some of these people are characters that are considered the most powerful in the series. 

What do you geeks think, do you agree with this.

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