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Mystery of One Piece 1049 : Luffy Dragon's Father's Messenger, Mihawk Turns Out to be a Secret Agent of the Revolutionary Army

The greatest swordsman in the world Mihawk is known to be one of the most mysterious characters until One Piece 1049.

Even up to One Piece 1049, there is no record of its origin.

The earliest information about him is only found in SBS Volume 63 when Oda describes the Shichibukai as children.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1049 regarding Mihawk as an envoy from Dragon and a secret agent from the Revolutionary Army.

It is known on SBS Mihawk was drawn with bruises and scratches from training.

Nine years ago war broke out on the island of Kuraigana until the island was destroyed.

Some time after the war ended, Mihawk arrived on this island and made a large castle there as his home.

It's still unknown what the reason was, maybe it was his childhood home or it could be where he came from.

Little information we know, Mihawk was already famous before the current era of pirates began.

He was known as a figure who always challenged powerful swordsmen around the world and defeated them all.

This is what later became the beginning of why he was called the strongest swordsman in the world.

Then we also find out that Mihawk is very interested in Shanks and considers him his strongest rival.

They had fought many times, but when Shanks lost his hand, Mihawk no longer had any intention of fighting against the red-haired Yonkou.

As the best swordsman in the world, of course, many are curious as to why in the end he wanted to train Zoro during the time skip.

Many fans themselves speculate about this, one of which is because Mihawk is ruled by Dragon.

It is alleged that Mihawk is part of the Revolutionary Army group.

Because until now many people doubted Mihawk as a pirate.

This is because there are no clues that show that Mihawk is a pirate.

An example is he prefers to be alone than having a crew like other pirates.

So the joining of Mihawk into the Shichibukai system before it was disbanded is also a mystery.

Why the World Government wanted Mihawk and what made him agree to join the Shichibukai.

Allegedly joining Mihawk to the Shichibukai is a way for the World Government to stop pursuing him.

But if he himself didn't threaten the World Government by becoming a pirate, why would they pursue him.

Therefore his entry into the Shichibukai system is suspected because he became a Dragon spy like Kuma to see the movements of the World Government.

Another task that may be assigned to him by the Revolutionary Army is to train Zoro.

Just as the Straw Hats were about to be eliminated by Kizaru at Sabaody, Kuma arrived.

With the power of his devil fruit then Kuma sent the entire Straw Hat pirate crew to a different location.

From what we know Kuma himself was not careless when he sent the Straw Hats to a certain location.

He chose a place where they could train and improve their skills to ensure their survival in the new world.

Kuma seems to be aware of the skills of every member of the Straw Hats.

He himself sent Luffy to Amazon Lily to train his haki powers and Sanji was sent to the Kamabakka kingdom where Revolutionary Army commander Ivankov resides.

Then Robin was sent to Tequila Wolf where he finally met the Revolutionary Army, and Zoro was sent to the island of Kuraigana where Mihawk lives.

Mihawk doesn't seem surprised to see Zoro suddenly on his island, he doesn't even ask how Zoro came to the island.

Even he himself tried to stop the badly injured Zoro from leaving the island.

Because of these various evidences, Mihawk allegedly got an assignment from Dragon to train Zoro.

Moreover, Mihawk and Kuma's actions are also shown to be coordinated.

Just like Kuma and Rayleigh when Kuma told Rayleigh that he was a member of the Revolutionary Army who was related to Luffy.

So we can say in One Piece 1049 that Mihawk seems to be a secret agent of the Revolutionary Army aka Dragon's direct messenger.

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