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One Piece: Kaido's Devil Fruit Can't Awakening?

One Piece: Kaido's Devil Fruit Can't Awakening?

Kaido has long been predicted to be the toughest opponent Luffy faces in One Piece. 

This is when the Straw Hats begin their adventure in the New World. 

As one of the rulers of the ocean, Kaido is a very powerful pirate. In fact, Kaido has the nickname as the most powerful creature in the world.

In the Wano Country arc, fans saw how awesome Kaido was for the first time. 

And it has been proven how terrible and extraordinary the figure of Kaido is. In the battle at Onigashima, Kaido didn't just fight against the Red Scabbards. 

He also has to deal with the Worst Generation and his son, Yamato, and of course Luffy.

In this battle, we can see how Kaido always manages to outperform all his opponents. 

However, many of the fans are waiting for Kaido's extraordinary moment where he shows the awakening of his devil fruit. 

In chapter 1049 yesterday, Kaido managed to "defeat" Luffy by making him fall to the ground in the flower capital until he was unconscious. 

Then, will Kaido show his awakening?

Kaido's Devil Fruit Awakening in One Piece

One Piece: Kaido's Devil Fruit Can't Awakening?

Kaido is a user of the Mythical Zoan Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu devil fruit that allows him to turn into a giant dragon. 

This devil fruit is one of the most powerful devil fruits in the series. 

In fact, for the Zoan type itself, this devil fruit could be the strongest.

Kaido's devil fruit grants a lot of tremendous power where when he transforms into a giant dragon figure he can destroy anything. 

Kaido can even destroy mountains with his fire attacks. 

He can cause a gale with a single attack of his body, even attacking enemies with multiple elemental attacks.

Just like the Zoan devil fruit users, Kaido also has a very extraordinary hybrid form that is able to give him epic powers as a result of the combination of humans and beasts. 

Using all of these abilities, which are then combined with Haki, Kaido proves to be a terrible figure.

Almost no one can match his figure. 

However, with Luffy successfully awakening his devil fruit power and also Gear 5, Kaido has to accept the fact that the awesomeness of awakening the devil fruit is able to match all of these greatness. 

In fact, Luffy had several times made it difficult for him.

With Kaido finally finding a balanced opponent, many fans then speculated that Kaido will use his last power where he will show the awakening of the Uo Uo no Mi devil fruit. 

From the previous chapter we can see that Kaido knows about devil fruit awakening.

All the opponents that Luffy has faced before have also succeeded in awakening his devil fruit. 

So, it makes sense if then there is a prediction that Kaido will also show the awakening of the devil fruit he has. 

However, there is also another interesting speculation that Kaido may not or may not have an awakening. 

How then can this happen? 

Why doesn't Kaido have awakening?

Why Kaido Can't Awakening?

One Piece: Kaido's Devil Fruit Can't Awakening?

It's very clear that Kaido is the most powerful pirate in the world today, and what has appeared throughout the Onigashima battle is already able to prove this. 

Kaido has a very powerful devil fruit, which makes him unable to be attacked or hurt by anyone. 

Kaido even has elemental attacks that are actually dangerous for his enemies.

With all the awesomeness that Kaido has from his devil fruit power - and also the awesome power of Haki that he has - it feels like Kaido no longer needs to be able to awaken the power of the devil fruit he has. 

If then Kaido is successful or has an awakening from his devil fruit, of course the question is how strong will Kaido's figure be.

In addition, if Kaido succeeds in awakening his devil fruit, it seems impossible that anyone will be able to defeat Kaido. 

Kaido himself in chapter 1048 yesterday activated an extraordinary technique called the Flame Dragon Torch. 

This ability allows Kaido to produce fire with the same temperature as magma.

With this technique, Kaido can destroy anything that touches his body. 

There is a possibility that this Flame Dragon Torch technique is actually Kaido's awakening form. It's just that Oda Sensei decided not to mention it in the story. 

However, even though this wasn't Kaido's awakening form, not having any awakening at all wasn't a bad thing.

As previously explained, Kaido already has many terrifying and epic abilities. 

Kaido also has great physical strength, extraordinary endurance, and so on. 

Fans must realize that the ultimate battle against Kaido is in sight. 

If then Oda decides to bring his devil fruit awakening, of course everything will feel anticlimactic.

So, in conclusion, it is quite reasonable if then Kaido does not have the awakening of his devil fruit. 

And it seems that Kaido doesn't need or needs awakening to be strong, considering that even without a devil fruit, Kaido has become a powerful figure.

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