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One Piece: Kaido Betrayed by Rocks?

One Piece: Kaido Betrayed by Rocks?

The fight between Kaido and Monkey D. Luffy throughout the Onigashima battle in the Wano Country arc became the most epic and extraordinary fight to date. 

Not only is the scale of the battle massive, with various techniques and also the tremendous power that both of them present, but we also see how determined and determined to fight the two characters are.

Kaido had previously underestimated Luffy who he considered a newcomer pirate, who did not have much experience and was also a weak pirate figure. 

However, as the story progressed, Kaido had to feel the awesomeness of Luffy which made Kaido in the end quite overwhelmed by Luffy.

Kaido, who had not used all of his strength in a long time, was finally forced to his limits. 

Kaido's various abilities that are rarely used are finally shown during the fight against Luffy. 

Kaido also seemed annoyed to see Luffy who had been defeated many times and was unconscious, in the end got back up and continued to fight.

One Piece: Kaido Betrayed by Rocks?

Until finally at some moments, such as in the last panel of chapter 1046 and also chapter 1047, Kaido's frustration seems to have peaked. 

Kaido is shown not dodging the devastating attacks directed at him. 

Instead, Kaido seemed to be waiting and accepting the attack. 

Kaido was also shown not wanting to give up on Luffy to continue to fight until the last drop of blood.

What is Kaido's motivation behind his attitude? 

Why didn't Kaido dodge Luffy's attacks and instead greeted him? 

There is an interesting theory that it has something to do with Kaido's past, where Kaido may have been betrayed by his former captain, Rocks D. Xebec.

 Kaido's current attitude is likely to prove that he is much better and greater than Rocks.

One Piece: Kaido Betrayed by Rocks?

Rocks may have betrayed Kaido in a fight, which left a bad impression on Kaido. 

This bitter experience made Kaido motivated to prove that he was much better than the former captain. 

Kaido also wants to prove that he is the one who is much stronger, and he doesn't want to run away from any attacks or any battles.

This may be the reason why Kaido told King that he would not “sell” him or betray him. 

And maybe this is also the reason why Kaido said that it was the nature of a pirate to betray or betray each other. And they will leave everything without regard for others.

One Piece: Kaido Betrayed by Rocks?

So far, how Kaido continues to fight throughout the Onigashima battle, whether fighting against Luffy, the Worst Generation, and also the Red Scabbards, has provided evidence that Kaido has never run away from the fight. 

He even tends to take all the attacks that are aimed at him. As discussed in the previous article, more or less dozens of attacks, stabs, and shots were directed at Kaido.

However, Kaido still stands firm even though his strength has slowly started to weaken. 

If the opponent you are facing is an ordinary opponent, of course, that figure is certain to have died from the start, especially if you have to receive that many attacks. However, what happened was that Kaido was still able to survive. 

In fact, what is extraordinary is that apart from Kaido being able to survive and fight against strong enemies, Kaido is also still able to withstand the island of Onigashima with his fire cloud. 

So, maybe it's proven that Kaido is much more powerful than Rocks.

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