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One Piece 1048: Uranus' Ancient Weapon Is on the Moon, Apparently Controlled by Luffy's Ancestor, Clan D!

One Piece 1048: Uranus' Ancient Weapon Is on the Moon, Apparently Controlled by Luffy's Ancestor, Clan D!

In One Piece 1048 it was revealed that Uranus' Ancient Weapon was actually on the moon.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1048, Uranus is ruled by the D Clans who are Luffy's ancestors.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1048 regarding the Ancient Weapon of Uranus to the mystery of Luffy's ancestor who is Clan D

A popular Reddit theory previously stated that the Birka, Shandia, Skypiea, and Lunaria races were direct descendants of the moon dwellers in the past.

This is evidenced by Enel's Cover Story who discovered civilization on the moon and the characteristics of the four races in the form of wings.

Then it is believed that when people on the moon come to earth and produce offspring, these descendants are called Clan D.

That way the meaning of Clan D actually means half moon because genetically they have the genes of half moon people and half earth people.

But over time, Clan D has different lengths depending on each person's interpretation.

For example, Clan D people like Luffy who bring hope and often do something for the good of many people can be interpreted as Dawn or dawn.

As for the evil Clan D people like Rocks and Blackbeard, it can be interpreted as Darkness or darkness.

For those of Clan D who have succeeded in realizing their dreams, it can be interpreted as Destiny or destiny.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of the World Government, Clan D can mean Devil or demon because as Rosinante said, Clan D is the natural enemy of the gods or Tenryuubito.

With the various interpretations of Clan D, the meaning of Will of D can vary.

That's why the desires of the people of Clan D can be as different as some want to rule the world and some just want absolute freedom.

Given that the ancestors of Clan D are the most intelligent inhabitants of the moon, they are the ones who predict a major disaster that will destroy the other moons.

They also come to the inhabitants of other months to convey the news and to invite all the inhabitants of all months to go to earth before the months are destroyed.

It should be noted that in the past in the world of One Piece there were more than six months and this is evidenced by a number of replicas of the moon in the Ohara library.

So what did the inhabitants of the moon come down to earth with? The answer is to use Uranus' Ancient Weapon.

Although Uranus' form is still not confirmed, from its name Uranus seems to be something that flies in the sky.

Three Ancient Weapons have their respective roles, Poseidon in the sea, Pluton on land, and Uranus in the sky.

One Piece 1048: Uranus' Ancient Weapon Is on the Moon, Apparently Controlled by Luffy's Ancestor, Clan D!

The name Uranus itself is taken from the name of the God of Heaven in Greek mythology.

In the past while on earth, they had been close friends with the ancestors of Wano Kuni.

Wano was once a very prosperous country in the past, in fact it was once called the land of gold.

It seems that the reason Wano was able to prosper was because they had the help of the D Clan ancestors.

So indirectly the Ancient Kingdom which is the headquarters of Clan D is an alliance of Wano who used to often help each other.

With the very close friendship between them, surely the ancestors of Wano already knew that the ancestors of the D Clan came from the moon.

In honor of the ancestors of Clan D, the ancestors of Wano began to create family names related to the moon.

That's the reason why the names of the big families in Wano are all related to the moon.

There is Kozuki which means moonlight, Shimotsuki which means frozen moon, Uzuki which means rainy month and Fuugetsu which means wind moon.

In the past, the ancestors of the D Clan were also believed to teach many things to the Wano ancestors, one of which was the science of sculpture.

Therefore when the Ancient Kingdom was destroyed, the ancestors of Clan D had been defeated and their related information was removed by the World Government.

Wano's ancestor which in this case is the Kozuki family then uses that sculpting ability to create a Poneglyph that contains truths that have been removed.

That was the evidence that existed until One Piece 1048 why the Ancient Weapon of Uranus was under the control of Luffy's Clan D ancestors who were on the moon.

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