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One Piece: The Fatal Weakness of Devil Fruits for Fish-Man!

Most of the characters in the One Piece story have devil fruit abilities. The main protagonist in the series, Monkey D. Luffy, has a devil fruit ability that makes his body elastic.

Devil fruits really give a power increase to those who eat them, because each devil fruit does give different and varied powers to the user.

In fact, what is extraordinary is that those who have devil fruit abilities can still increase their devil fruit power by awakening the devil fruit power.

This was shown in the latest chapter of the One Piece series yesterday where Law and Kid as well as Luffy were shown using their newest devil fruit ability which is a form of awakening.

However, behind all the awesomeness of the devil fruit there is a big risk that must be borne by the user. As geeks know, devil fruit eaters do have to take the risk where they will lose the ability to swim in the sea.

With the world of One Piece dominated by the ocean, the ability to swim must be very crucial.

And losing the ability to swim makes their chances of survival in the sea small.

The risk that must be accepted by this devil fruit user turns out to be regardless of race. It doesn't matter if it's a human or a fish-man, everyone will be at the same risk if they eat a devil fruit.

A real example of this can be seen from the figure of Vander Decken IX, one of the antagonists in the Fish-Man Island arc.

If geeks notice, Vander Decken IX is part of the fish-man race. However, while on the fish-man island he uses a protective bubble just like the Straw Hat crew when they are at sea.

Vander Decken IX is a character who eats the Mato Mato no Mi devil fruit, where the user can attack the enemy or target precisely, no matter how far or where his position is.

The power of the devil fruit is known to not disappear when in the water, but the ocean can weaken the user's body.

This was also shown by Luffy when he tried to attack sea monsters with his devil fruit power. Even though he's in a bubble and protected, when his arm comes out and gets hit by seawater, his attack and speed are weakened.

Besides Vander Decken IX, Jack the Drought can also be another example of this. For geeks who may not be aware of the figure of Jack, he is part of the fish-man.

He has the Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth devil fruit. In chapter 824, when Zunesha beat up Jack's fleet trying to get close to Zou, he drowned and couldn't do much.

How about Kaido? Kaido is known to be a user of the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Suiryuu devil fruit which is the first water devil fruit in the series.

However, again, this has no effect at all. Even though his devil fruit is a water devil fruit, as long as Kaido doesn't fall or sink into the ocean, the devil fruit user's weakness will have no effect.

The only other way to weaken devil fruit users, apart from sinking them into the sea, is to use objects that contain sea stones.

It can be nails like Hiyori's or handcuffs like the navy. Why devil fruit users are weak against the ocean will still be a big mystery until Oda gives clear information about devil fruit.

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