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Spy X Family: Loid's Life Threatened?

Spy X Family: Loid's Life Threatened?

There is an interesting theory developing in popular circles where it is stated that Yor, who plays Loid's wife and Anya's mother, will be given a final mission which will be very difficult for her to undertake in the future. 

The fans finally showed what the battle between Yor and Loid was like.

In episode 5 yesterday, we saw how the Forger family visited Eden Academy, the school where Anya will study and carry out Loid's big mission. 

The whole family celebrates Anya's graduation, and Loid and Yor end up getting drunk.

 Loid then follows the wishes of Anya who wants a drama about rescuing hostages.

Anya then gave roles to each character. Loid plays a spy trying to save Anya, while other spies try to stop her. 

At the climax of the story, it is shown how Loid tries to fight against Yor – who is so immersed in his role as an evil wizard. And this is when Loid saw the terrible side of Yor.

Spy X Family: Loid's Life Threatened?

All this time, Loid assumed that Yor's fighting ability was very good because of her Yoga practice. 

However, after what happened at that time, it certainly made Loid suspicious that there must be something behind all of Yor's greatness and good character. 

This is then the basis of the theory above, where Yor may receive a mission to kill Loid in the future.

Hints of this theory can be seen in the early chapters of the series, where Anya had delirious that Yor was trying to kill Loid. 

What is still a mystery is whether Anya sees this in the future or is it all just an imagination in Anya's mind.

Of course, it is certain that the creator, Tatsuya Endo, will present an epic and extraordinary story for the climax of the story. 

Although there are many comedic tones that are presented throughout the Spy X Family series, serious things also often appear in the story. 

And serious things like Loid and Yor's battle moments will certainly add to the excitement of the series.

Spy X Family: Loid's Life Threatened?

In the manga series itself, it is often shown how Yor loves Anya. 

She even fell in love with Loid, which made Yor willing to do anything to make Loid and Anya happy. 

Yor also hopes that one day she can reveal the secret to everyone and quit her job.

So far, undercover missions from Loid and Operation Strix are still running smoothly. 

However, it is not impossible if the mission is slowly becoming known to the enemy.

 And in the end, the enemy side used a third party to finish off Loid who was none other than Yor.

Yor's inner turmoil will certainly occur whether she will have the heart or want to kill her own husband or the person she loves. 

However, it is certain that Yor will not be able to do that because there are many sweet and pleasant memories that the two of them have experienced.

What is interesting, of course, is how the attitude of Yor – and Loid – will be when she gets the mission. 

Will Yor finally reveal his true identity? Will Loid also confess his true identity to Yor? 

Is it the younger brother, Yuri Briar, who will hire Yor's services to finish off Loid? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapters and episodes!

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