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One Piece 1050: Shanks' Nightmare Comes True, Blackbeard Will Get Kaido's Devil Fruit at the End of the Wano Arc

One of the mysteries of One Piece 1050 is regarding the next devil fruit that Blackbeard will seize.

From the instructions that Eiichiro Oda gave, it is believed that Blackbeard will snatch Kaido's devil fruit at the end of the Wano Arc and that will make Shanks even more worried.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1050 regarding Shanks' nightmare about Blackbeard which will come true.

Kaido's role of course will not continue in the One Piece story after Luffy defeats him.

Moreover, Kaido has done something very heinous to the residents of Wano Kuni.

He had enslaved all the people there for years and nearly starved to death Luffy's friends.

His dream has also been fulfilled by being defeated by the new Joy Boy, namely Luffy.
So in general there is no longer a place for Kaido in the One Piece story.

Furthermore, if the Yonkou system is still relevant and becomes a source of terrible power in the ocean.

Luffy will certainly get one of the Yonkou seats that Kaido and Big Mom have left.

But that doesn't mean Kaido will only become a powerful pirate who gets demoted and continues to sail the seas without his territory.

Fans believe that Kaido's role has really ended and should leave the story.

If the World Government imprisoned him, it would be in vain because Kaido was proven to have managed to escape many times.

Moreover, until now there has been no prison stronger than Impel Down level six to hold the strongest creature.

While Luffy is also unlikely to kill Kaido so these two possibilities are impossible.

But there is something that is very likely to happen and it is related to Blackbeard.

Blackbeard is believed to appear at the end of the Wano Arc and kill Kaido to steal his devil fruit.

Of course, it is common knowledge among fans that Blackbeard will get his third devil fruit sooner or later.

Oda has also revealed various hints so far to fans.

Starting from the image of Blackbeard's three Jolly Roger skulls to the split personalities that Luffy and Zoro realized when they met in Mock Town.

Of course if any pirate had the power to kill Kaido, it would be Blackbeard.

Because he currently has the strongest Logia and Paramecia devil fruit powers in the world.

So it made sense for him to hunt for the strongest Zoan where the Uo Uo no Mi model Seiryu was definitely the biggest candidate.

As soon as the Wano Arc ends, Blackbeard will steal the world's attention again.

He will forever establish himself as the last greatest threat Luffy will ever have to face.

This will also be in accordance with the storyline if later Blackbeard is destined to kill Shanks.

Because there will be a time when Blackbeard has become a very big threat and must be stopped at all costs.

If someone was going to do it, Shanks was the only reasonable candidate to stop Blackbeard.

It will be interesting to see how Blackbeard will come at the end of the Wano Arc to seize Kaido's devil fruit in One Piece 1050 or the next chapters.

It will also be answered whether after One Piece 1050 Shanks' nightmare will come true.

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