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One Piece: Luffy's Biggest Dream Revealed!

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist in the One Piece series who has many big dreams. 

One of the biggest dreams of Luffy that we already know is that Luffy wants to find One Piece and become a pirate. 

Besides, by becoming the pirate king Luffy wants to be the freest person in the ocean.
However, it turns out that Luffy still has another dream that he is hiding. 

Back to chapter 506 ago, there is a clue that shows how Luffy has a secret dream. 

At that time, many fans speculated about Luffy's other dreams besides becoming the pirate king. 

His own speculation is that Luffy wants to host a big ocean-wide party.

However, yesterday's chapter 1049 seemed like we finally found out what might be Luffy's secret dream. 

When Luffy and Kaido fought, the Yonko, the ruler of Wano, asked Luffy. 

Kaido asks about what kind of world Luffy wants to build. And Luffy then answered Kaido's question loudly.

Luffy says that he wants to build a world where all his friends can eat as much as they want. 

At first glance, maybe what Luffy said has something to do with the suffering that the people of Wano have to experience, namely starvation due to lack of food.

All natural resources in Wano were completely depleted and destroyed due to the actions of Orochi and also Kaido. 

They turned Wano into a weapons factory, where waste and all kinds of excrement then pollute the environment in Wano. 

As a result, the entire environment of Wano's natural resources has become polluted and can no longer be their resource.

As a result of the lack of food sources, in the end many of the residents of Wano have to starve and lack nutrition. Luffy himself was really angry to see Tama's starving condition. 

Tama even admits that she only eats rice once a year, and has never eaten Oshiruko.

Kaido and Luffy's Dream

Luffy realized that the only way to change all of this was to get rid of Kaido. 

If you look more broadly from the grand narrative of the series, it seems quite reasonable how the world that Luffy wants to build may also be a secret dream that he has not revealed so far.

As we all know, Luffy loves adventure, partying and eating. 

Eating alone is something that often appears and is related to Luffy's figure, although it rarely has anything to do with the storyline. 

It could be, this is a plan or a hint that has actually been shown by Oda for a long time.

How Luffy wants a world where all of his friends can eat to their fill may also have something to do with the ideals he has so far. 

Just like how many people underestimate the dream of finding One Piece and becoming the pirate king, the dream of building a world like Luffy's dream is sure to be scornful. 

However, it seems Luffy doesn't care about that.

Perhaps, this is the reason why Sabo and Ace laughed when they found out Luffy's big dream. 

Also, this is what makes Oden and Whitebeard laugh when they hear Roger's dream. 

Luffy's big dream is also reasonable enough to be the climax of the story at the end of the third act of this Wano arc. 

What do you think ?

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