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Naruto's Legacy Jutsu, Still Used in the Boruto Series!

Naruto's Legacy Jutsu, Still Used in the Boruto Series!

The Naruto series is one of the most popular series in the world. 

The popularity of Masashi Kishimoto's work has made the series run for quite a long time. 

After the Naruto series finished airing, Kishimoto then produced the sequel series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

Even though the setting is the same, the time setting is different. 

Boruto has a more modern time setting.

As the name implies, Uzumaki Boruto is the main protagonist in the series. 

He is the son of Uzumaki Naruto and Hinata Hyuuga. 

Despite his young age, his talent and ability as a shinobi cannot be underestimated. 

He learned a lot of new techniques, but he also inherited various Jutsu or ninja techniques belonging to his father. 

1. Shadow Clone

Naruto's Legacy Jutsu, Still Used in the Boruto Series!

Kagebunshin or a thousand shadow moves is a jutsu created by Tobirama Senju, the second Hokage. 

This jutsu is very powerful because it is able to make the user create a "clone" or clone. 

Unlike the shadow moves, Kagebunshin requires a lot of chakra flow from the user. 

That's why this Jutsu is included in the dangerous category. 

For ordinary shinobi, mastering this jutsu is very torturous.

The reason is, it takes a large chakra flow to create a shadow. One of the Kagebunshin users is Naruto. 

He stole his jutsu scroll and then practiced. Over time, Naruto was able to master this technique. 

It turns out that this technique Naruto passed on to his son. 

Unfortunately, the son currently rarely uses his father's technique. 

He more often uses the various techniques taught by Sasuke.

2. Taijutsu

Naruto's Legacy Jutsu, Still Used in the Boruto Series!

Taijutsu is one of the basic techniques that shinobi masters, Boruto is no exception.

However, he later developed his own Taijutsu technique. 

The Taijutsu technique he developed came from a technique belonging to the Hyuuga clan, namely Gentle Fist Style. 

However, because Boruto can't use the Byakugan while training, his attack accuracy is not like that of the Hyuuga clan.

Because of this, Boruto then has to learn on his own about the chakra points of the enemy. 

In addition, he also then has to rely on speed, agility, and also the adaptation of the battles he faces. 

Although his fighting ability is similar to that of the Hyuuga clan, other things such as speed and agility are things that Naruto passed on to Boruto.

3. Wind Release Technique

Naruto's Legacy Jutsu, Still Used in the Boruto Series!

Throughout the Naruto series, the main protagonist is indeed very popular because of his ability to master various natural transformations, especially wind. 

Although later Naruto managed to master all the elements, but Naruto and the Wind Release technique have become his trademark. 

This was then passed on to Naruto to his son.

Although Boruto is more influenced by the Lightning Release technique, because Sasuke taught him, he also turns out to be quite skilled in the Wind Release technique. 

Besides Naruto, mastery of the Wind Release technique is also a skill that exists in Minato, Naruto's father. 

So, it seems natural that then Boruto can master this technique.

4. Rasengan Technique

Naruto's Legacy Jutsu, Still Used in the Boruto Series!

The Rasengan itself is a technique created by Naruto's father, Minato. 

Several people later managed to develop this Jutsu, before Naruto mastered and perfected the technique. 

Naruto himself even created several new Rasengan which further enriched his technique.

Boruto then inherits this extraordinary technique. 

He did have his own reasons why he then learned the Jutsu Rasengan. 

Although it was difficult at first, he was eventually able to use the technique. 

What's also remarkable is how Boruto creates his own version of the Rasengan.

5. Sexy Jutsu

Naruto's Legacy Jutsu, Still Used in the Boruto Series!

Before Boruto became the serious and extraordinary person he is today, Boruto was just like Naruto. 

He is a naughty figure, who is always trying to get the attention of others. 

One of the mischief committed by both Naruto and Boruto is how they play with women's bodies.

As you know, Naruto once used a Jutsu that made him turn into a beautiful woman, namely Oiroke no Jutsu or Sexy Jutsu. 

It turns out that this technique has also been used by Boruto.

In fact, Konohamaru also uses this technique. 

But, of course, Boruto uses this technique only for comedy purposes.

As the son of Uzumaki Naruto, Boruto did manage to eventually form his own name. 

Slowly, Masashi Kishimoto began to succeed in showing how important Boruto is for the future of the story. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see how the story goes.

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