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4 Celestial Dragons That Have Been Shown in One Piece

4 Celestial Dragons That Have Been Shown in One Piece

Celestial Dragon or Tenryuubito is one of the honorable races that still keeps a mystery until One Piece 1050.

The appearance of the Celestial Dragon up to One Piece 1050 can be counted on the fingers.

Ahead of One Piece 1050, the Celestial Dragon is back in the debate after a theory emerged that said Luffy's mother was part of the race.

Mentioned from that theory, Luffy also appeared in the One Piece story.

One Piece fans are again trying to remember which Celestial Dragon has ever been raised by Oda.

Compiled from various sources, there are at least 4 Celestial Dragons that have appeared until One Piece 1050.

1. Saint Roswald

4 Celestial Dragons That Have Been Shown in One Piece

The first confirmed Celestial Dragon to appear was Saint Roswald.

Saint Roswald appears on Sabaody Island in search of his runaway slave.

Saint Roswald has the appearance of a normal Celestial Dragon, a suit with a medallion and a bubble on his head.

This old man with curly hair always held a walking stick which turned out to be a rifle.

While on Sabaody Island, he met the Straw Hat Pirates.

One of the straw hat crew even knocked him down because he accidentally fell from the roof and hit his face on the floor.

2. Saint Charloss

4 Celestial Dragons That Have Been Shown in One Piece

The second Celestial Dragon confirmed to appear was Saint Roswald's son, Saint Charloss.

Saint Charloss first appears in the Saint Shalulia Arc Sabaody Archipelago.

When it was first shown Saint Charloss was sitting on the back of a slave.

On Sabaody Island, Saint Charloss visits the auction house to bid on Keemi the fish-man for slavery.

At the auction, Luffy and Zoro wanted to save Kemi and Hatchan who would become slaves to the Celestial Dragons.

Luffy also had a chance to launch a punch to Charloss's face which made him fall.

3. Saint Shalulia

4 Celestial Dragons That Have Been Shown in One Piece

The third Celestial Dragon confirmed to appear is Saint Roswald's daughter, as well as Saint Charloss' sister, Saint Shalulia.

Similar to Roswald and Charloss, Shalulia first appears in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc.

Shalulia was present at the human auction house, and saw her brother being beaten by Luffy.

Shalulia is the same as other Celestial Dragons who don't look down on society.

He's also a suit that circulates oxygen so he doesn't breathe the same air as commoners.

4. Saint Jalmack

4 Celestial Dragons That Have Been Shown in One Piece

Saint Jalmack had not been introduced 10 years before the start of the series.

Jamack has the same appearance as the other Celestial Dragons. Jalmack wears a thick white suit decorated with a medallion on the front.

Jalmack is a little different in that he wears a rectangular shaped bubble.

He is also known to be cruel, selfish and always carries a weapon similar to a bazooka.

Then when it comes to Luffy's mother, who is said to have appeared and came from the Celestial Dragon.

If the rumors are true then it's very likely that Luffy's mother has slightly different characteristics than the other Celestial Dragons.

It could be that Luffy's mother is the opposite of the Celestial Dragon's character in general, which despises other races.

Because Luffy's mother is willing to make love with the initials D who is the natural enemy of the Celestial Dragon.

It's interesting to look forward to the presence of Luffy's mother, which is quite obvious in the One Piece 1050 story.

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