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Get to know the Buster Call Method in One Piece, an Attack that can Destroy an Island Flat

One Piece has various types of deadly weapons, one of which is the Buster Call.

Buster Call is touted as an attack method that can destroy an island with the average Navy.

Then what is a Buster Call?

Buster Call is a call that can be made to destroy a specific target.

When the Buster Call was initiated, five vice admirals using at least ten ships responded to the call and immediately arrived at the Buster Call location.

However, instead of conducting an investigation, the ten heavily armed ships would attack and destroy the target until there was nothing left.

Buster Call works on the Marine principle of "Absolute Justice", which means if it's for the sake of justice, then anything is allowed.

Unless there was a special order to save a certain individual, they would even destroy an entire nation just for the sake of one criminal.

Even ordinary citizens caught in annihilation were only considered additional damage.

Who can make Buster Calls?

Because of its enormous power, Buster Call cannot be done by just anyone.

Currently, there are ten One Piece characters known to have the authority to initiate the Buster Call, and as expected, all of them come from the Marines or the World Government.

From the Marine side, those people are the three Marine admirals and the fleet admiral. From the World Government, they were the five elders and commander-in-chief.

Lower-ranking officers can initiate a Buster Call if one of the ten previously mentioned people has explicitly given them permission to do so.
how to start a Buster Call is to use the golden den-den mushi to summon the silver den-den mushi.

The gold is usually in the hands of the person authorized to initiate the Buster Call, while the silver is usually in the hands of the Marines.

When the gold Den Den Mushi button is pressed, the silver Den Den Mushi will sound a loud alarm, and then the fleet will immediately head to the location of the gold Den Den Mushi as the designated target of the Buster Call.

Then the attack will be carried out on the predetermined target until it is flat. That's the explanation about Buster Call in One Piece.

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