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One Piece Surprise 1050: Kaido's Strongest Man Is Not Roger, But Luffy's Grandpa Garp

Ahead the release of the manga One Piece 1050, there are interesting facts about the strongest figure according to Kaido's perspective.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1050, the figure Kaido is referring to is not Gol D Roger.

Because indirectly Kaido's statement about haki actually made Garp's strength even more highlighted.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1050 regarding the strongest human according to Kaido.

As is known, the last few chapters, especially when Kaido discussed the Pirate King.

He said that Roger can rule the ocean without using the power of the devil fruit.

So the focus of the story can be directly on his haki abilities because Kaido continued that haki is the most needed ability.

Even Kaido indirectly stated that the ability of haki is more important or above the devil fruit.

However, based on Kaido's words, not only Roger but Luffy's grandfather, Garp, it looks even more shining.

It can even be said that Garp is the greatest character, surpassing Roger.

When compared in detail one by one between Garp and Roger.

Roger is a swordsman who in other words he has used a tool.

Especially after it was confirmed that his sword was included in the list of the 12 best swords in the world named Ace.

So when it comes to privilege, Roger has it.

Because he uses a sword and plus his sword is not an ordinary sword.

Where his rival, Garp is just a user of haki powers without any special privileges or additional powers such as devil fruits, weapons, and swords.

Even his partner Roger, Whitebeard also has a devil fruit and extraordinary weapons.

His devil fruit is the strongest Paramecia and his weapon is also included in the 12 best swords in the world called Murakumogiri.

We can say Whitebeard has got two special privileges, namely a sword and a devil fruit.

But at that time Whitebeard was known to have the same strength as Garp and Roger.

Meanwhile, Garp only relies on his fists, which basically should have the power to hit everyone.

But only with that ability could Garp be on par with many legendary figures.

If you look at Garp's biography, he is a man who was born in the Kingdom of Goa, Dawn Island where Sabo, Luffy, and Ace grew up.

Oda also once showed a picture when Garp was little.

He is shown living in poverty holding a pipe like Sabo.

But at the age of a child, Garp can beat tigers and even make tigers his pets.

Speaking of willpower or haki, Garp may have mastered Haoshoku Haki since childhood.

This is evidenced by a fierce tiger who can bow in front of him and become his pet.

Even the wound in his eye turned out to be his from such a small age.

Then in One Piece Film Z, young Garp is also shown to have a strong impression like the current Luffy.

His age was also estimated at that time to be the same as Luffy now.

Then right at the age of 23 years, Garp has become a father of Monkey D Dragon with an unknown wife.

From this it can be concluded that Garp raised Dragon in the same way as Ace and Luffy to become a great marine.

Then for now, Garp is 78 years old and 38 years ago he was doing great too.

Teaming up with Roger, Garp managed to defeat the very powerful Rocks pirates on God Valley Island.

Three of the Rocks crew are figures who have now become Yonkou, namely Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido.

You can imagine how strong Garp was at that time so that he managed to defeat Rocks and his terrible men.

After that incident Garp was given the award and nickname as a Marine Hero.

Then the title Garp the boxer also appeared after he managed to defeat the strongest head in the world belonging to Don Chinjao.

Even because he was too strong, Kong, who used to be a Fleet Admiral, always recommended Garp to become an Admiral.

But Garp refused because he didn't want to be an errand boy or direct subordinate of the Tenryuubito.

With his more humane principles of justice and his hatred for the World Government, Garp's role is certainly still very long in the One Piece story.

Even with those principles, it was not impossible that Garp's true strength would be shown when he started to fight the World Government.

So it can be concluded that according to Kaido's words, Roger is not the strongest haki owner but Garp.

This is evidenced by Garp who only relies on boxing and his haki abilities alone can be on par with legendary figures like Roger and Whitebeard.

It is certain that in One Piece 1050, Garp's haki strength must be far above Roger's to be able to match his sword and haki abilities

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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