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Boruto: Kawaki Is Princess Amado's Reincarnation?

Boruto: Kawaki Is Princess Amado's Reincarnation?

Although his figure is very important in almost all arcs in the Boruto series, information about Amado's figure is still mysterious. 

He is one of the biggest mysteries that appear in the series. 

As you know, there is almost no information that fans can know about Amado's figure. 

What has appeared throughout the series is that he is a scientist from Kara and the most intelligent person.

However, there is a surprising fact that appears in the story about the figure of Amado. 

The fact is how Amado had a daughter, but died 12 years ago. 

The death of his daughter is what later became Amado's motivation to join the criminal organization Kara.

Although Amado's name never appears in the Naruto series, his knowledge of the shinobi world is very broad. 

This seems to give a hint that Amado has been around for a long time or at least he was in the early days of the Naruto series. 

This knowledge makes Amado a very important figure in the series.

From what appears throughout the series, we can see how Amado has deep knowledge of the Otsutsuki clan. 

This includes their origin, purpose, method of operation, and so on. 

What also makes Amado an interesting character is his mysterious motivation. 

Fans are really curious whether Amado is a good or bad character.

Amado's motivation in Boruto

Boruto: Kawaki Is Princess Amado's Reincarnation?

One theory that is developing among fans explains that a big motivation in Amado's life today is related to the death of his daughter. 

Since the figure of Eida appeared, many fans themselves have speculated that Eida is the "reincarnation" figure of Amado's daughter. 

This theory has enough evidence to be considered quite plausible.

One proof is how Amado and Eida likely have a special relationship, which leaves him unaffected by Eida's techniques. 

In his explanation, only the Otsutsuki clan and family would not be affected by Eida's power. 

So, what makes the most sense is Amado is the father of Eida.

Kawaki Is Princess Amado's Reincarnation?

Boruto: Kawaki Is Princess Amado's Reincarnation?

Although the theory about Eida being the reincarnation of the daughter of Amado is very interesting and may make sense, there are also other theories that are no less interesting. 

In this theory, it is explained that the "reincarnation" of Amado's daughter is actually not Eida but Kawaki. 

You may immediately frown and ask why Kawaki is the reincarnation of princess Amado.

Just like Eida, Amado seems to have a special relationship with Kawaki. 

However, based on the story's point of view regarding the connection between the two of them, Amado's concern for Kawaki has something to do with his desire to kill Kara's leader, Isshiki Otsutsuki.

After Amado fled to Konoha, his concern for Kawaki changed. 

Amado likely saw Kawaki as a weapon or a tool or anything that could help him achieve his ultimate goal. 

Although Amado looked genuinely surprised when he saw Eida, Amado was not worried about how Shikamaru or Delta would hurt Eida.

However, Amado showed different things to Kawaki's figure. In chapter 70 yesterday we saw how worried Amado reacted when Kawaki was about to head to his lab. 

It's very rare that we see how Amado is so scared or worried about someone else. 

In fact, even after the fight against Isshiki Amado seemed so worried about Kawaki's soul.

Even though Amado may think of Kawaki as just a weapon or a tool, his concern for Kawaki gives an explanation that Kawaki is a special person to him. 

Amado doesn't seem to care about Kashin Koji. 

He also seems to have bad memories with the figure of Eida. However, only Kawaki made Amado always worried.

So, the big question then is what else is the reason Amado would want to show such great care for Kawaki if then he doesn't have a relationship or connection with his daughter? 

I don't know when Kishimoto will reveal a big secret about Amado's past in Boruto, but surely it will be highly anticipated by fans.

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