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One Piece 1048 Spoiler: Luffy Still Can't Beat Kaido

One Piece 1048 Spoiler: Luffy Still Can't Beat Kaido

In One Piece 1048, it is predicted that Kaido will lose his battle against Luffy.

Various predictions in One Piece 1048 regarding Kaido's defeat were also given, which refers to spoilers of various parties.

Yes, after yesterday's last chapter, many readers believed that Luffy would defeat Kaido in the next attack accompanied by the destruction of Onigashima Island.

The following is the discussion of One Piece 1048 regarding Kaido's defeat from Luffy, which may or may not be the case or are still thinking too much about it.

What does that mean? 

In some theories say that there is something strange about this last attack.

Especially when compared to the previous arc, as well as the general pattern in other recent attacks.

First, a consistent pattern in the final attack is how the final attack occurs in the form of a clash of forces or blows back.

It's never a completely one-sided attack like what happened in chapter 1047 yesterday.

For example, against Rob Lucci, Crocodile, Doflamingo, the previous battle ended with attacks from both parties.

The opponents have never been unable to do anything in their final seconds, while now Luffy is still holding Kaido, which makes it difficult for the yonkou to dodge.

The antagonist always resists defeat in some way. However, in the last chapter yesterday, Kaido only saw a punch attacking him.

The odd thing is especially with what he says that the winner doesn't need rationalization, he's the only character who will give his all.

The second is the condition of Wano who is still not fully aware. 

Similar to the first point, a very common pattern in this manga is that when a great evil is defeated, people are there to see it happen.

One Piece 1048 Spoiler: Luffy Still Can't Beat Kaido

Usually this rescued side would see the opponent lose, like the Marines under Morgans or Kuro's crew, also like against Lucci, the battle still ended in a way that everyone could see him losing.

This is also true during the Sky Island arc or Dressrosa, sometimes people get involved in some way to help Luffy defeat the opponent.

It can be considered that the samurai are the people of the citizens of Wano, but in this arc, Wano has a special reason that requires the people of Wano to know about their release, namely Divination.

The most important last line is, considering the prophecy was addressed to the people of Wano, this prophecy requires them to realize that Luffy is the 'dawn'.

However, right now the problem is that Onigashima is still far from the Flower Capital, this doesn't mean Luffy's attack isn't in a position to defeat Kaido, by the way the citizens see his attack.

Because his attack is pointing downwards which in turn means this attack can't be the final blow.

Another third major reason why Luffy is still a long way from defeating Kaido is that the dawn is still not up.

Considering all the 'dawn of the world' dialogue and whatnot, it would make a lot of sense if Luffy, the dawn of Wano, the Sun God, the one who would end the night of 20 years, defeated Kaido after sunrise.

This will also be the same or parallel to the Thriller Bark arc, which Moria defeated at dawn.

However, just wait for One Piece 1048 which is released next week, whether Luffy beats Kaido or it still needs time.

DISCLAIMER: The spoiler of One Piece 1048 here is only a theory, is for entertainment purposes, and is not intended to precede the content of the story.

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