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One Piece 1047 When will it be Released? This is the Schedule for the Latest Delayed Chapter Release This Week

After Luffy's fight with Kaidou in Chapter 1046 became even more riveting, now fans are wondering when One Piece 1047 will be released.

One Piece is actually scheduled to release a new chapter every week, but sometimes there are delays due to the reason that mangaka Eiichiro Oda has to take a break.

So, when will One Piece 1047 be released? As a consolation for disappointment because we still have to wait about a week more, let's first read the One Piece 1047 spoiler.

One Piece 1047 Spoiler

Quoted from, One Piece 1047 is expected to be an action-packed chapter with fans most likely seeing Momonosuke show unexpected courage and step up to prevent Onigashima from crashing into the Flower Capital, while Luffy, with his newfound powers, continues to beat up the world's strongest creature – Kaido.

Fans have had a few days to speculate on what the next chapter will be, but based on the ending of chapter 1046, it looks like the epic battle on the roof of the Skull Dome isn't over yet.

Luffy, with his newfound powers exhibiting new abilities that can manipulate his surroundings, including the ability to withstand lightning strikes.

Fans will most likely find out more about Luffy's new power in chapter 1047.

Fans may also be able to witness how he will make fun of Kaido in a fight. Besides that, readers may also be able to see a more mature and brave side of the heir of Oden Momonosuke in One Piece 1047.

In "One Piece" 1046, Yamato says that Kaido is at his limit, which means, Onigashima is also in danger.

This is because when the Sea Emperor fought Luffy, he also controlled the Cloud of Fire that kept the island afloat.

Regardless, Zunisha will still be in a nostalgic mood when Luffy fights.

In the previous chapter, the wandering ancient elephant kept on remembering Joyboy upon hearing the beat of the liberation drum, which was actually Luffy's heartbeat.

Readers may be treated to a bit more information about the mysterious legendary character Joyboy.

It's a shame that chapter 1047 had to be delayed. The popular manga created by legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda is on hiatus for a week, meaning no new chapters will be released this week.

The good news is that One Piece 1047 is slated for release on April 24th, early spoilers will most likely appear online between April 19 and 21. 

Meanwhile, raw scans for the upcoming manga chapters may be available between April 21 and 23, 2022.

That's the latest information that can be presented to answer the question of One Piece 1047 when will it be released?

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