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One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Luffy's Final Strike and the Power of the God of Lightning

One Piece 1047 Spoiler: Luffy's Final Strike and the Power of the God of Lightning

The spoiler story of One Piece 1047 still continues the biggest battle in Onigashima Luffy the Straw Hat and Kaido The Beast Pirates.

As for the release schedule for the One Piece manga chapter 1047, it will be published on Mangaplus on April 23, 2022.

One Piece 1046 spoiler story presents Luffy with his new power again, Nika with lightning element.

Kaido thinks Luffy has powers beyond his comprehension. 

The fantasy of the power of the hito hito no mi really confused him.

Kaido for this time really wants to fight seriously. 

While Luffy with awakening gear 5 and his devil fruit power just kept laughing.

Luffy seemed to underestimate Kaido. 

On the other hand Onigashima had been extinguished from the great fire, none other than because of Raizo and Jinbe.

As for the recap of the previous story in chapter 1046 of Redon Arlong Park Forums.

One Piece Chapter 1046 is titled "Raizou". 

This chapter will continue to show us the battle between Luffy and Kaidou.

Also, this chapter will focus on Raizou and his plans. The first 5 pages of this chapter are from Luffy Vs Kaido.

The next 9 pages are inside the castle (everything about Raizou, Jinbe, Sanji, Zoro and the others.

We've already seen that Raizou uses his scroll to "store" Kaidou's attacks.

Bolo Breath and return it to him. The same thing he did when he was on Zou, he stored in his scroll the water that Zunesha used for bathing.

Raizou had this idea in mind since Oden castle burned down 20 years ago, so if he was in the same situation again, he would be prepared.

The water in the scrolls had flooded the inside of the castle, and Jinbe was the one controlling the water because his was the ocean current to put out the fire.

Sanji and Zoro appear in 1 panel each. Sanji appears talking and Zoro is taken away by Franky (he doesn't say anything or is still unconscious).

There's 1 page about Yamato and Momonosuke (and something about fire clouds).

At the end of the chapter, the Kaido cloud that lifted Onigashima began to fade (Yamato and Momonosuke are starting to notice). 

Island starts/will fall.

And the last page where Luffy catches lightning (he looks like the God of Lightning) and attacks Kaidou (and Kaidou seems to be laughing and saying 'go ahead').

Luffy's last attack doesn't have a name yet, Kaido looks at Luffy with anger.

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