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5 Most Feared and Too Dangerous Anime Characters

5 Most Feared and Too Dangerous Anime Characters

There are several reasons why a person is feared. Starting from their enormous strength, to their intimidating appearance. 

Not only that, a person can also be feared from anything they can do.

Starting from Kaido in the One Piece anime to Meruem in the Hunter x Hunter anime, here are the five most feared anime characters. 

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1. Kaido (One Piece)

5 Most Feared and Too Dangerous Anime Characters

Acting as the main antagonist in the Wano arc, Kaido is one of the Yonko. 

Due to his extraordinary strength, Kaido is known as the strongest being in the world. 

Kaido has a devil fruit that allows him to transform into a dragon that can fly and spit fire.

Thanks to the devil fruit, Kaido also has a very hard skin, so only really strong people can injure him. 

Starting from his history, his strength, to his appearance, there is no doubt that Kaido is the most feared character in the world of One Piece.

2. Yujiro Hanma (Tray)

5 Most Feared and Too Dangerous Anime Characters

While Kaido is known as the strongest being in the world, Yujiro Hanma is known as the strongest human in the world. 

Yujiro is a mercenary, as well as a brutal fighter. Rarely did anyone manage to survive after fighting him.

Yujiro is also the father of Baki Hanma. 

On the one hand, Baki has great respect for Yujiro as a fighter.

However, on the other hand, Baki hates Yujiro as a father. Previously, Yujiro was responsible for his own wife's death, when his wife tried to protect Baki from Yujiro's rampage.

3. Acnologia (Fairy Tail)

5 Most Feared and Too Dangerous Anime Characters

While the appearance of Zeref Dragneel is already terrifying enough, there is an even scarier character, namely Acnologia. 

After Zeref's defeat, Acnologia appears as the final antagonist in the series.

Acnologia himself was greatly feared for his unreasonable powers. 

After slaying dragons and using a lot of Dragon Slayer Magic, Acnologia becomes the strongest Dragon Slayer who can transform into a dragon any time he wants.

Not only that, Acnologia also got Time Magic and Healing Magic. 

A mage as strong as Zeref himself even said that Acnologia could rule the world if he wanted to.

4. Alucard (Hellsing)

5 Most Feared and Too Dangerous Anime Characters

Alucard is a vampire who is greatly feared by both humans and fellow vampires. 

Taking shelter under the Hellsing Organization, Alucard is a vampire whose job is to eradicate evil vampires. 

Even though what he did looked good, Alucard might not be any different from the vampires he killed.

Alucard often reveled in killing his victims. 

Alucard often allows his enemies to attack him, then finish off his enemies with one attack. 

Not only strong and fast, Alucard also cannot be killed because he is basically immortal.

5. Meruem (Hunter x Hunter)

5 Most Feared and Too Dangerous Anime Characters

Meruem is the main antagonist in the Chimera Ant arc, as well as the strongest antagonist ever to appear in this series. 

Born as the evolutionary pinnacle of the Chimera Ant, Meruem had been very strong even from the moment she was born. 

Meruem doesn't need a hard effort just to awaken her Nenya.

Meruem excels in all aspects, from intelligence to strength. 

His aura was also extremely intimidating, so that ordinary people would probably die of fright when they approached him. 

In fact, a Hunter as strong as Netero himself had to use a suicide bomber to kill this one villain.

From reputation to strength, the five characters above have all the aspects needed to become someone to be feared. 

In your opinion, of the five characters above, who is the scariest?

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