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Boruto: What are Eida's Weaknesses?

Boruto: What are Eida's Weaknesses?

The situation in Konoha is currently in a critical condition especially after Code and Eida managed to infiltrate the room where Amado was.

As shown in yesterday's chapter, Boruto and the others finally returned to Konoha after a fierce battle against Code.

Many epic moments occur in the fight, such as the "death" of Boruto.

In Konoha itself many big questions arise, especially in Shikamaru's mind.

He questioned Amado why the Karma Isshiki within Kawaki could be reactivated without the knowledge of Naruto and himself.

Shikamaru himself suspected that Amado might be so obsessed with Isshiki's Karma power, that Amado tried to master it.

However, in the middle of the discussion between Amado and Shikamaru, suddenly a Code appeared from the Claw Marks in Shikamaru's body.

Code itself was made powerless after Shikamaru activated Kara's cyborg which was then reprogrammed to become a weapon for Konoha, namely Delta.

Code himself was surprised to see the figure of Delta in front of him.

Boruto: What are Eida's Weaknesses?

And when Code felt cornered, he then pulled Eida to join the fight with him.

The appearance of Code itself has become a big threat to Konoha, especially now with the appearance of Eida.

Although it is unknown what Eida's abilities are, it is known that she possesses tremendous power.

Eida has the Senrigan ability and also a unique ability where she can make people fall in love.

The appearance of Eida in front of Amado and Shikamaru could actually present a dangerous potential for them.

It was explained in the previous chapter, that only family or relatives and the Otsutsuki clan would not be able to resist the ability to fall in love from Eida.

This means that only Boruto, Kawaki, Daemon, and Code, who will not be affected by their power.

Meanwhile, in the room where Eida and Code are, there are two "ordinary" people who might be affected by the power of falling in love from Eida.

 This is then considered a very dangerous situation for Konoha and all.

Even so, this moment could also be the right moment for Kishimoto to introduce Eida's weakness.

Boruto: What are Eida's Weaknesses?

Many fans are worried that Shikamaru will be hit by Eida's moves and make him fall in love and want to obey her orders.

If that happened, surely Amado could have been handed over to them or something bad had happened.

This moment can be used to show that shinobi have the ability to control their emotions, including love.

It is this control that might surprise Eida that it turns out that her power, which can make people fall in love and obey all her words, can be resisted or faced by those who are not part of the Otsutsuki clan by controlling their emotions or feelings.

In addition to controlling emotions, there are also other ways that might be evidence or hints of the weakness of Eida's strength.

Eida probably won't be able to make someone fall in love when that person is already in love with someone else, or is in a happy relationship.

In this case, Eida will not be able to make Shikamaru fall in love with her because she is already married and she already has the figures of Temari and Shikadai.

Boruto: What are Eida's Weaknesses?

If Kishimoto wanted to present a more interesting scenario, Shikamaru could have realized Eida's strength from his conversation with Amado.

Shikamaru will then pretend to follow the game from Eida, so they believe that Shikamaru has been successfully controlled by Eida.

Until then at the right time, Shikamaru would counterattack, just like he did now against Code.

After all, Shikamaru is a smart and logical figure.

He would probably try to think clearly and logically so that he would be free or so that Eida would not be able to control him with his extraordinary ability.

Will Shikamaru and Delta face Eida? 

Will Shikamaru be able to hold back the love? 

We look forward to it!

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