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One Piece 1046: An Important Figure Appears!

One Piece 1046 Spoiler: An Important Person Appears!

The fight between Kaido and Luffy seems to be getting worse as shown in the latest chapter in this One Piece manga series. 

Previously, we saw how powerful and powerful Gear 5 Luffy is. 

In chapter 1045 yesterday, Luffy was shown using almost all of Gear 5's power which made Luffy finally have to run out of energy and return unconscious.

But it did not last long. 

With the sound of the drum of freedom coming back, Luffy regained his senses and he also got his energy supply back. 

What's different is that this time Luffy is a little more serious in dealing with Kaido, after previously Luffy seemed to be playing around or often doing silly actions.

Then, what will chapter 1046 be like? Chapter 1046 has the title “Raizo”.

This chapter opens with the continuation of the battle between Luffy and his Gear 5 against Kaido. 

The battle that took place between them was quite fierce, where this battle dominated the first five pages of the chapter. 

The story then shifts to various moments in Kaido's palace.

One Piece 1046 Spoiler: An Important Person Appears!

We then see how Sanji and Zoro appear, albeit only briefly. 

Sanji only appears in one panel, while Zoro appears and is shown how he was brought by Franky to get away from the palace. 

Then, we also see the moment where Momonosuke and Yamato interact with each other. 

They discussed the fire cloud in Onigashima.

Then, we are shown the main moment of this chapter where Raizo is the main character. 

Raizo is shown to be an important figure to extinguish the fire that burns all parts of Kaido's palace. 

Turns out, Raizo had been preparing for this moment for a long time, to be precise since he was in Zou. 

As we know, by using his scroll technique he can reverse anything.

Previously, he was shown to have "absorbed" Kaido's Boro Breath and then returned it to Kaido. 

This technique was also used by Raizo to store water in his scrolls. 

Raizo stores a considerable amount of water in his scroll after he collects the water used by Zunesha to clean himself.

One Piece 1046 Spoiler: An Important Person Appears!

The volume of water used by Zunesha is very large, where it can make Zou covered in floods. 

On the other hand, Raizo also remembers the moment when Oden's palace burned down 20 years ago, which made Raizo finally make a plan if the same thing happened later.

Raizo then uses the scroll to extinguish the fire in Kaido's palace. 

In this latest chapter, Raizo becomes a figure who plays an important role in Wano.

However, Raizo is not alone. 

He is assisted by Jinbe who controls the water that Raizo releases from his scroll. 

Luckily, the water brought or issued by Raizo managed to control the fire in Kaido's palace. 

And the moment returns to Luffy's fight against Kaido. 

In the last page of the chapter, it looks like Luffy is catching lightning like the thunder god Thor or Zeus. 

With the lightning Luffy was trying to attack Kaido.

Seeing this did not make Kaido afraid. 

He actually "challenged" Luffy to hit the attack. 

Unfortunately, it is unknown what Luffy's new attack will be. 

Besides that, the bad news is that chapter 1047 won't be released next week, aka a pause. 

Information regarding the leaked chapter 1047 will probably only be released on April 19.

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