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The Lord of the Rings: 5 Strongest Swords in Middle-Earth!

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Strongest Swords in Middle-Earth!

In addition to what is seen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the story of Middle-earth in his book is actually much broader and deeper than ever told. 

Created by J.R.R. Tolkien, the stories of Middle-earth in his novels have spanned from the First Age where Dark Lord Morgoth reigned, to the Fourth Age which began after Dark Lord Sauron died. 

And in the story itself, apart from Sauron's One Ring, there is another powerful weapon in the form of a sword. 

And of the many swords in Middle-earth, here are five of them that are known to be very strong!

1. Anduril

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Strongest Swords in Middle-Earth!

First forged as a sword named Narsil, King Elendil used this sword when he first defeated Sauron. 

Unfortunately when Eledil died, this sword was destroyed. 

Years later Elrond reforged his sword and gave it the name Anduril, which Aragorn used because he was descended from Erendil. 

Besides being very sharp when used to slash Uruk-hai, Anduril is also the only sword used to rule the King of the Dead and his troops in the Battle of Minas Tirith.

2. Gurhang

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Strongest Swords in Middle-Earth!

The Gurthang is a black-bladed sword first alluded to in J.R.R. Tolkien's novel The Silmarillion.  

This extremely powerful sword is owned by a human hero named Túrin Turambar. 

What makes this sword one of the most powerful swords is its legend, which is said to have been used by Túrin to kill one of the three most powerful dragons in Middle-earth, namely Glaurung. 

However, because the dragon Glaurung has the power to influence the minds of his enemies, in the end Túrin who went mad then killed himself using this Gurthang sword.

3. Glamdring

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Strongest Swords in Middle-Earth!

First used by Turgon in the era of Dark Lord Morgoth, Glamdring is a silent witness to the collapse of Gondolin City due to the defeat of Turgon and his troops. 

Thousands of years later, Gandalf discovered and used the Glamdring in the War of the Ring. 

As the weapon of choice for a powerful wizard like Gandalf, Glamdring proved his prowess by successfully injuring many Dark Lord Sauron's troops and a giant monster called the Balrog, even bringing Gandalf, who was originally nicknamed the Gray, to Gandalf the White. 

Not infrequently Gandalf also put lightning magic into it to make Glamdring stronger.

4. Ringil

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Strongest Swords in Middle-Earth!

When Morgoth attacked Dagor Bragollach, countless elves were killed and the kingdom collapsed in the battle. 

As the only surviving king, a furious Fingolfin then brings his sword called Ringil to Angband to challenge Dark Lord Morgoth alone. 

Although at first Morgoth was worried about Fingolfin and Ringil's sword that glowed like ice, in the end he accepted the challenge and managed to kill Fingolfin and destroy his magic sword. 

However, in return the wound caused by Ringgil never healed and Morgoth was always in pain for the rest of his life.

5. Orcrist

The Lord of the Rings: 5 Strongest Swords in Middle-Earth!

As a sword nicknamed goblin-cleaver, Orcrist is a sword that is greatly feared by goblins. 

Because according to legend, this sword once managed to decapitate an army of goblins and orcs while it was used by a dwarf named Thorin II Oakenshield. 

When Thoring was captured by Elf Mirkwood he lost the Orcrist, until years later Legolas was seen using it in his fight against a formidable orc commander named Bolg. 

The advantage of the Orcrist itself is that this sword will sparkle when there are goblins or orcs around it.

Those are the five most powerful swords in Middle-earth. In addition to their beautiful appearance and extremely sharp blades, the names of these five swords have echoed in Middle-earth since they were first forged, until they were finally used by heroes to defeat darkness. 

These five swords are witnesses as well as decisive victory for the inhabitants of Middle-earth who finally feel peace in the Fourth Age. 

Of these five legendary swords, which one is your favourite?

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