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Boruto: Kashin Koji Potentially Returns?

Boruto: Kashin Koji Potentially Returns?

The appearance of the figure of Kashin Koji in the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation managed to steal a lot of attention from fans of the series. 

This is not without reason. 

Kashin Koji has an attractive and unique appearance, where his appearance is very similar to one of the legends of the Konoha Sannin, Jiraiya. 

This also inevitably makes many theories appear among fans.

Some fans think that Kashin Koji is Jiraiya's figure in disguise. 

Another theory assumes that Kashin Koji is the son of Jiraiya or the figure of Jiraiya who time travels to the future. 

In fact, there is also a theory that says that Kashin Koji is a "reincarnation" of Jiraiya's figure.

However, in chapter 47 we are told that Kashin Koji is neither Jiraiya in disguise nor the reincarnation of Jiraiya. 

Kashin Koji turned out to be a clone of the legendary figure, where Amado created Kashin Koji by using DNA from Jiraiya. Unfortunately, until now it is still unknown where Amado got Jiraiya's DNA.

The "Death" of Kashin Koji

Boruto: Kashin Koji Potentially Returns?

In chapter 47, apart from the fact that Kashin Koji is a clone of Jiraiya, we are shown something very terrible. 

In that chapter we were shown how Jigen fought against Kashin Koji. 

This fight is indeed the center of attention of the fans.

The reason is, the fight is not just a fight between Jigen and Kashin Koji, but also Kashin Koji's fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki. 

And what's also ironic is that the fight was agreed as part of Amado and Kashin Koji's betrayal plan. 

Kashin Koji is also considered to understand his duty, to kill Isshiki. 

And he also understands that the fight against Isshiki could be his last.

Actually, Kashin Koji managed to win against Jigen thanks to the Fire of Samadhi technique that he practiced which made Jigen's body finally burn. 

In addition, Jigen's body was also destroyed because it was no longer strong enough to withstand the attacks made by Kashin Koji. 

When the situation is considered finished and assumes Isshiki is dead, but in fact Isshiki is still alive and successfully reincarnated.

Isshiki used the Karma in Kawaki's body to get back up. 

What's interesting is that when he comes back to life even though his face is similar to Jigen, it is Isshiki's real figure who then appears. 

Isshiki's fight against Kashin Koji is arguably unbalanced, because Isshiki's strength is far above Kashin Koji.

In effect, Kashin Koji was easily defeated by Isshiki after he used the Sukunahikona and Daikokuten techniques. 

Kashin Koji's body itself could not move after being hit by the big boxes that hit his body. 

It was Kashin Koji's last moment before he used the Kuchiyose technique to save himself.

Kashin Koji Will Return?

Boruto: Kashin Koji Potentially Returns?

It is still unknown what the fate of Kashin Koji is at this time, given the severe injuries he sustained before being carried away by one of the Myoboku mountain frogs. 

However, it was most likely that Kashin Koji was still alive at this time. 

Perhaps, Kashin Koji is recovering at Mount Myoboku.

If Kashin Koji manages to survive, he can become the leading figure blocking Code's steps. 

Kashin Koji can be an additional strength to deal with Code, the possibility of a limiter in him will be successfully opened so that the true power of Code will be revealed. 

If that happens, with Code being considered stronger than Jigen, then there needs to be additional strength to defeat him.

It seems reasonable if Kashin Koji then becomes an opponent for Code. 

Kashin Koji might become a real ally for Konoha, and turn Kara into Konoha's "black organization" that will do Konoha's "dirty work" after this organization is taken over by Amado or Kashin Koji. 

The system works similar to the ANBU, except that Kara is an organization outside Konoha.

The reappearance of Kashin Koji is certainly highly anticipated by fans, and of course there is a strong reason why then Masashi Kishimoto still hasn't shown the death of Kashin Koji. 

Maybe he will have an important role in the story to come.

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