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One Piece Prediction 1045: Hito Hito No Mi Nika Makes Luffy's Strength Unlimited, and Becomes Out of Control!

One Piece Prediction 1045: Hito Hito No Mi Nika Makes Luffy's Strength Unlimited, and Becomes Out of Control!

Luffy's devil fruit has been revealed, namely the Hito Hito no Mi (Mythical Zoan) - Nika's model.

For a long time the World Government hid the truth until it was revealed in chapter 1044 and it became clearer in One Piece 1045, with Luffy's power increasing.

Now Luffy has experienced a resurrection and the truth about this devil fruit can no longer be kept secret.

However, what is Luffy's true strength that until One Piece 1045 still uses the name Gomu Gomu as a designation for his technique?

It's thought that one of his powers is to make conditions nonsensical or ridiculous, or cartoonish.

His rubber body is simply an extension of that power, and by activating Gear 5 he takes on the form of a Sun God.

His personality, fighting style, and all of his aesthetics have changed greatly. 

If Luffy really can bend the laws of physics like a cartoon character, then it's unknown how extensive this ability is.

To be clear, this application of physics (or cartoon power) is a kind of meta-ability in fiction. It's natural for characters in cartoons to use it all the time.

However, when it is displayed as a unique ability, only the character possessing this power can apply it.

This power is a rare ability in anime, but some famous characters such as Panty and Stocking, Toon World card (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Haruko Haruharu (FLCL), and Nui Harime (Kill la Kill) use it.

It might be hard to imagine this kind of special ability in this manga by Oda Sensei, because the series is already very cartoonish. The western influence in this manga is very obvious.

Naturally, Luffy's body allows him to stretch and expand, he also tends to eat tons, and burns everything instantly.

He can also somehow reflect Gear 4's attacks, which makes Kaido wonder how rubber can be like that.

To further emphasize the cartoon nature of Luffy's resurrection, the entire aesthetic has been changed for Gear Five. 

Many of the features are simplified and the character lines are smooth.

Excessive movements such as expanding some parts of his body are also shown, a similar phenomenon can be observed when Popeye eats spinach.

The application of cartoon physics is also not only for Luffy, but also all related to him. 

He is able to turn anything he touches into rubber.

This ability is indeed widely expected by readers, but who would have thought that he actually used the ground surface that was turned into rubber like a carpet, to reflect Kaido's attacks.

He can even use the ground to reflect Kaido's Bolo Breath and return to the yonkou.

The cartoon aesthetic is also seen when he attacks Kaido, when he swings the yonkou until his eyes form a shadow.

When finished swinging Luffy, Kaido staggers with his tongue out and looks at the stars, this is a common trope for cartoon characters.

If Luffy can force this kind of absurdity even on the Beast King, then no one knows what else his devil fruit will do.

If Nika's strength really is cartoon physics, it has more implications than simply making things rubber. Depends on what aspect of physics is applied.

If the 'rule' is like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, for example, then Luffy can do anything as long as it's for the sake of comedy. 

Or it could be like The Mask where the achievements are ridiculous but the intent doesn't have to be comedy.

The idea of ​​a cartoon character being able to do "anything" is actually a bit vague and can have a variety of different meanings.

If Luffy's devil fruit allowed him to become a full-fledged cartoon, then he would really go wild for being able to do anything.

He can pull safes, pianos, and anvils out of thin air to drop on people. 

He can paint holes in solid surfaces and pass through them. He could cover great distances in an instant regardless of obstacles.

If the power of this devil fruit is truly as limitless as the Five Elders created it, then the only real limit is Luffy's imagination.

This also raises the question of how the effects are given when it is adapted into an anime later, maybe hearing Hanna-Barbera's sound effects in the background is not so surprising.

Despite Luffy's cool actions in chapters 1044 to One Piece 1045, that's just the tip of the iceberg, little is known about this new power and what it can do.

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