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One Piece 1045 New Spoiler: Luffy's Fuson Mode Attacks Yonkou's Body from Within!

One Piece 1045 New Spoiler: Luffy's Fuson Mode Attacks Yonkou's Body from Within!

The full story of One Piece 1045 will be discussed first in this article.

Before the One Piece 1045 manga is officially released, it's a good idea to first listen to the leaked full story.

The full story of One Piece 1045 will fully discuss the continuation of the battle between Luffy and Kaido.

In One Piece 1045 it was titled Next Level or Next Stage by Oda.

One Piece 1045's cover features an image of Luffy and the entire Straw Hat pirate crew in a car with the words "Sea of ​​Liberty" on it.

In the first page, the story goes straight to the point, which is the continuation of the battle between Luffy and Kaido.

Kaido was very surprised by Luffy's resurrection, he thought that his opponent was dead.

Not only Kaido, it turns out that Luffy is also still confused as to why he is still alive even with abilities that are stronger than before.

Luffy's ability also makes Kaido wonder and wonder about the true power of Luffy's devil fruit.

In addition to having a change in power like the Paramecia-type devil fruit, Luffy's change in power is also the same as the Zoan-type devil fruit.

Hearing Kaido's statement about his devil fruit, Luffy looked relaxed and just bounced his body.

Seeing Luffy's relaxed expression annoyed Kaido even more, in his giant dragon form, the beast king immediately devoured Luffy into his mouth.

Immediately Luffy was surprised to be devoured by Kaido, he then cursed and said rudely.

Not staying silent, Luffy actually went into Kaido's stomach and activated the Gomu Gomu No Fusen technique or turned his body into bubbles like a pillow.

In that mode, Luffy kicked Kaido's body from the inside, causing the Yonkou to be in pain.

The appearance of Kaido's huge belly surprised Momonosuke and Yamato who had just arrived on the rooftop of Onigashima.

It made them think that Kaido was performing a technique.

On the other hand, still in his Fuson mode, Luffy saw two bright lights coming from Kaido's eyes.

He immediately stabbed Kaido's eyes with his hands. Using his rocket stance, Luffy slid out of Kaido's body through the Yonkou's eyes.

Luffy's appearance surprised Momonosuke and Yamato who witnessed it.

Shortly after, Luffy descended from the sky in his giant god mode.

This made Momonosuke and Yamato even more surprised and shouted Luffy's name.

They did not expect that Luffy would turn like a god in the form of a giant.

Meanwhile Kaido continued to attack Luffy by biting the giant body of the straw top pirate captain.

Not staying still, Luffy grabbed Kaido's dragon body with both hands and played with the Yonkou's body then threw it.

In a position thrown like that by Luffy, Kaido immediately threw a Boro Breath attack at Luffy, causing the straw hat to be thrown far away with a charred black body.

Despite being hit hard, Luffy still seemed conscious and immediately changed to his awakening form and Gear 5th.

Luffy slid back onto the rooftop of Onigashima to continue his fight.

Luffy then prepared to return to his punch, but Kaido who realized he was about to be attacked first punched Luffy.

Kaido's punch sent Luffy flying far back into the ceiling of Onigashima castle.

The people who were in Onigashima castle were immediately surprised to see Luffy's appearance.

You can see the typical cartoon expressions of Otama, Nami, Chopper, Kid and also Law who also saw the appearance of Luffy's face trapped in the castle ceiling.

On the other hand, while Luffy was trying to escape, Kaido said that it was an interesting show.

Kaido then said that if Luffy's limit was only up there, don't expect the straw hat to beat him.

On the other hand, Luffy also said that if he hasn't reached his limit, he's just tired.

In those words, Luffy gradually left his Gear 5th awakened form and returned with his pale gloomy face.

This made Kaido very surprised, and asked who Luffy really was.

Luffy weakly said, if everything he did was really draining him and made him almost die.

Kaido also replied by confirming that Luffy just died, and the fight will be continued with another opponent someday.

But Luffy didn't want to give up, according to him if he had to die then all that was left were his bones.

In another panel, Yamato is shown talking to Momonosuke.

Yamato said, if the one in front of him right now is really Luffy even though his appearance is all white, but it's really Luffy.

Momonosuke also replied that Luffy's voice was starting to fade.

Elsewhere, Luffy replies by telling Momonosuken, Otama, Kinemon and Pedro that this is not the end.

The fight continued, Kaido immediately attacked Luffy by hitting his head and making Luffy in pain.

In such a condition, Luffy ran away with Kaido being chased from behind him who was ready to attack him again.

But by using the ground he stepped on, Luffy turned it into rubber and helped him bounce while spinning to avoid Kaido's attacks.

After that, while taking advantage of a mound, Luffy counted down and again shot towards Kaido and twisted his hands nonstop preparing to attack.

Kaido asked in surprise, what was really going on with his opponent.

Kaido was surprised by the appearance of an all-white Luffy covered in Bushoushoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki and his free way of fighting like that.

The panel returns to Luffy's fast movement about to attack Kaido, and the Yonkou can't stop or dodge him either.

Kaido was immediately hit by Luffy's hit in the face until it pierced the back of his head.

It made Yamato and Momonosuke very surprised when they saw it.

Luffy's attack made Kaido fall, and the defeat of the beast king's face also appeared.

At the end of the story, Luffy said to Kaido that it was so much fun. And the story of One Piece 1045 ends with the fall of Kaido.

Although it is unknown whether Kaido died or will rise again.

Everything will be answered in One Piece chapter 1046 which will be released the following week without a holiday.

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