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One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

In a large-scale battle such as the one that took place in Onigashima in the Wano Country arc, loss of life is unavoidable. 

In other words, death was bound to happen from either the enemy side or the alliance side. 

As is known, the Wano arc is the most important arc currently in the One Piece series.

In addition to presenting interesting facts, in this arc the fans are also presented with various extraordinary events ranging from death to battle. 

The battle that took place in this arc occurred because the alliance tried to destroy the power of Kaido and Orochi. 

The following is a list of characters who died tragically in the Wano arc.


One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

Tonoyasu alias Yasuie was executed by the evil Shogun of Wano, Kurozumi Orochi. This happened in the second half of the Wano Country arc. 

Yasuie's death really made the entire population in the Rasetsu region sad. 

Yasuie is already considered a hero to the poor in the region. 

Yasuie also led the rebellion movement in the Wano area.

As a result of this incident, chaos occurred in the Rasetsu area where Zoro tried to chase Orochi. 

However, fortunately at that time Kyoshiro managed to withstand Zoro's attack. Sanji also did the same, which he was later blocked by X Drake. 

Undoubtedly, Yasuie's death is one of the most tragic and heartbreaking deaths in this arc.

Ashura Doji

One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

Ashura Doji is one of the nine members of the Red Scabbards, who are subordinates of Kozuki Oden. 

Ashura Doji is one of the strongest in the group, to which Kaido himself acknowledges his strength and asks him to join the Beast pirate group. 

However, of course Ashura Doji refused this.

Ashura Doji died when he sacrificed himself to protect his comrades, from the fake Kozuki Oden figure created by Kanjuro. 

The figure of Kozuki Oden turned out to be holding a dangerous explosive. 

Not wanting his comrades killed or injured, Ashura Doji then sacrificed himself to push the fake Kozuki Oden down.

Kurozumi Kanjuro

One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

Kanjuro was initially known to be part of the Red Scabbards, before it was later discovered that he was actually a traitor who became a spy for Orochi. 

Kanjuro disguised himself for 20 years to continue providing information to Orochi and Kaido. 

And in fact, Kanjuro turned out to be someone who became part of the Kurozumi clan.

Kanjuro himself died in the fight that took place between him and Kikunojo and Kinemon. 

What became a tragic and sad moment was how Kiku couldn't bear to kill Kanjuro. 

It was Kiku who had to be seriously injured by Kanjuro's attack. Kanjuro himself eventually died after Kinemon took his life.

Kozuki Oden

One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

Although the actual death of Kozuki Oden occurred 20 years earlier, it was Oden's death that triggered the current attack on Onigashima. 

As shown in the flashback, Oden is a samurai who had sailed with Whitebeard and Roger's pirate group.

When Oden returns to Wano, he has to accept the fact that his territory has been controlled by Kaido and Orochi. 

Oden also tried to reclaim that power, which failed. 

In the end, Oden had to be executed in front of the people of Wano. 

What's ironic is that for some time, they thought of Oden as an idiot without knowing that all this stupid behavior was done to protect the residents of Wano.

Characters That May Die


One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

Like Kanjuro and Ashura Doji, Raizo is one of the Red Scabbards. 

Previously, Raizo was shown fighting against Fukurokuju who was the leader of the Oniwabanshu group. 

Their fight can be said to be balanced, because both of them have great ninja abilities.

However, in the last few chapters, it was shown how Fukurokuju and Raizo were both silent due to the tactics they used each, which made them unable to move. 

The current situation was dire, where the room they were in was on fire. 

In fact, Raizo's body started to burn. Neither of them wanted to release the jutsu, which led to speculation that Raizo might have died there.

Kozuki Toki

One Piece: The Most Tragic Death Row in Wano!

Toki is the wife of Kozuki Oden, who came from 800 years ago. 

Thanks to the demon Toki Toki no Mi, which allowed him to time travel to the future, Toki arrived in the century when he met Oden and gave birth to Momonosuke and Hiyori. 

However, his whereabouts and current condition are still a mystery.

On the day that Oden was executed, Kozuki Toki then read the letter that Oden had left.

Before disappearing, Toki had conveyed a prediction about what would happen in the future. 

The existence of Toku itself is still being questioned, whether Toki is indeed dead or has actually gone to the future.

Oda Sensei is a character who rarely brings death to his characters. 

Usually, when the death occurs, then the death will have an impact or influence on one character or the story as a whole. 

The Wano arc itself is still not finished, will there be another death? 

We look forward to it!

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