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Naruto: Hashirama Senju's Death Riddle!

Naruto: Hashirama Senju's Death Riddle!

Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime series that revolves around the life journey of a Uzumaki Naruto. 

Naruto dreams of becoming the strongest shinobi and becoming Hokage. 

The goal is for everyone to notice and acknowledge its existence. 

Naruto himself has now succeeded in realizing his dream to become Hokage.

Naruto is the seventh Hokage in Konoha. 

And speaking of Hokage, there is one Hokage whose popularity is quite high, namely Hashirama Senju. 

Hashirama was Konoha's first Hokage, as well as one of the strongest shinobi in the world. 

Even so, his death is still a mystery to this day because no one knows for sure how Hashirama died.

The origin

Naruto: Hashirama Senju's Death Riddle!

Hashirama Senju is the leader of the Senju clan in the era of war between villages. 

After fighting several times against Madara Uchiha, the two decided to make peace and build a ninja village. 

Many clans later followed or joined the village that Hashirama and Madara built, which made Konoha one of the strongest ninja villages.

Hashirama wanted Madara to become Hokage, but many people were against this. 

In the end, Hashirama who later became Hokage and this made Madara finally decide to leave Konoha. 

Hashirama and Madara finally returned to fight one last time in the Valley of the End. 

The winner himself was Hashirama Senju.

Hashirama Senju's Strength

Naruto: Hashirama Senju's Death Riddle!

With his extraordinary strength, Hashirama was dubbed the "God of Shinobi".

Hashirama's power is known throughout the world. One of Hashirama's abilities is the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai technique. 

This technique was also used to capture the Bijuu who were then handed over to various other ninja villages.

The technique also helped Hashirama in building the village of Konoha. 

Hashirama's Wood Release technique is natural, which makes him the only shinobi born with the Kekkei Genkai ability. 

Most of the people who master the wood release technique are experimental results. 

This is what makes Hashirama's power scale so much bigger

All the powers that Hashirama has is actually natural, because Hashirama is the reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki. 

That's why the chakra reserves that he has are very large. 

Hashirama was also able to access a powerful transformation called Sage Mode, which allowed him to use natural energy. 

Hashirama also became one of the few shinobi capable of using the five realm releases.

Who Killed Him?

Naruto: Hashirama Senju's Death Riddle!

Hashirama Senju is known to have died sometime before the first great ninja war began. 

However, until now it was never known what made Hashirama die. 

When Hashirama Senju was alive, the only shinobi on the same level as him was Madara Uchiha.

However, Madara himself was unable to defeat Hashirama especially if he had to kill him. 

There are also ninja from other villages that are no less powerful, like Mu, who has a dust release technique. 

However, Mu was not a shinobi at Hashirama's level because he could be easily defeated by Madara Uchiha.

Hashirama was undoubtedly the most powerful Kage of that era, and there was no way anyone could possibly kill him. Kakuzu was sent by Takigakure to kill Hashirama Senju. 

However, the mission failed and even Kakuzu barely made it back safely. 

In essence, there is no record that says Hashirama was killed by a shinobi attack.

One thing to remember is that when Orochimaru resurrected Hashirama with Edo Tensei, he came back when he was in his prime. 

That is, Hashirama most likely died at a relatively young age. 

Based on this, the big question then is what made Hashirama Senju die?

The Reason Hashirama Died

Naruto: Hashirama Senju's Death Riddle!

Hashirama Senju is known as a shinobi who has a unique ability where he can recover from various wounds very quickly. 

This was also confirmed by Madara Uchiha when he fought against Tsunade. 

Madara compares the regeneration abilities between Tsunade and Hashirama. 

This regeneration ability could also be the reason for Hashirama's death.

Tsunade's cell division technique carries a very high risk, and judging by Madara's comments, their techniques are probably the same. 

Cells in a person can only be divided a few times. 

However, with a special technique like Creation Rebirth, cell division occurs in a very short time.

The reason why Creation Rebirth became a forbidden Jutsu was because this technique was able to reduce one's life ration.

Since Hashirama has the same technique, and his technique is always active all the time, it makes sense if then this is what makes Hashirama's life ration drastically reduced – whether he realizes it or not – and ultimately kills Hashirama.

The Creation Rebirth technique can be stopped, but there are no records confirming that Hashirama's regeneration ability could be stopped. 

Hashirama wasn't the smartest ninja figure, so he probably didn't know how he was able to get the regeneration ability that came at the cost of his life. 

How geeks do you guys agree if Hashirama was killed by his own power?

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