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5 Anime Characters Who Have Voodoo Ability

5 Anime Characters Who Have Voodoo Ability

So many anime characters have unique and special abilities, one of which is controlling and attacking opponents with voodoo dolls. 

In the anime, dolls can be very dangerous intermediaries, even causing damage that leads to death.

Well, here are five anime characters with voodoo abilities that can trouble their opponents. 

Guess who, huh?

Check out the explanation!

1. Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

5 Anime Characters Who Have Voodoo Ability

Nobara is one of the main characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime who is famous for being very talkative, silly, but so strong and confident. 

He is a good friend of Itadori Yuji.

As an expert in Jujutsu, Nobara has a unique ability to fight. 

He is able to control an attack technique called Surei Juha which allows him to attack opponents from a distance using straw dolls or voodoo. 

The use of these techniques is usually supported by weapons in the form of hammers and nails.

2. Basil Hawkins (One Piece)

5 Anime Characters Who Have Voodoo Ability

Basil Hawkins is a pirate of the worst generation who holds a large bounty of around 320 million berries. 

He is a magician who has the ability to predict the possibilities that will occur in the future by using his flagship card called Tarot.

In addition, he is a eater of the Wara Wara no Mi devil fruit which enables him to create voodoo dolls to inflict any damage to his opponents who are connected through the puppet intermediary.

3. Hikaru Cloth (Fairy Tail)

5 Anime Characters Who Have Voodoo Ability

Kain Hikaru is a member of the dark guild called Grimoire Heart. 

He is shown as a strange figure with a large stature. 

In addition, he also often shows silly actions so that many think he is weak at first.

Even so, he is a character to watch out for because he has various very powerful magic techniques, one of which is Ushi no Kaku Mairi which allows him to manipulate targets using voodoo dolls. 

However, to use the magic, he needs to put his target's hair into the doll he has.

4. Yukari Sendo (Rosario + Vampire)

5 Anime Characters Who Have Voodoo Ability

Yukari Sendo is a magician who is famous for his cheerful nature. 

When he first entered Yokai Academy, he was often shunned and even ostracized by his friends because of his status as a magician. 

However, everything changed when he met Moka who was always kind to him.

As a magician, he keeps a variety of attack techniques as self-defense. 

One of his mainstay techniques is Warawara-kun which allows Yukari to control her opponent's body by placing a strand of the target's hair on the voodoo doll.

5. Szayelaporro Granz (Bleach)

5 Anime Characters Who Have Voodoo Ability

The character on this final list is a member of the eighth Espada as well as a mad and ruthless scientist. 

Szayelaporro is very difficult to beat and has a variety of deadly attack techniques.

One of the techniques he mastered is the Teatro de Titere. 

The technique, allows him to create a number of voodoo dolls from his target after successfully marking with his wings. 

By using this technique, Szayelaporro can destroy and damage his opponent's organs easily.

Although in the real world dolls are shown as one of the cute and adorable objects, dolls can be used as a tool to attack someone in anime. 

No wonder the dolls can be a deadly weapon for their opponents. 

So, what do you think about the abilities possessed by the five characters above?

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