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4 God Races in One Piece You Need to Know

4 God Races in One Piece You Need to Know

One of the uniqueness of the One Piece series presented by Eiichiro Oda is how diverse the characters are presented in the story. 

In fact, Oda Sensei himself is known to have presented various races in the world of One Piece such as the mermaid race, fish man, and so on. 

Even so, it seems that Oda Sensei realized it or not that he might have introduced another race, namely the god race. 

Then, who are these god races? Here is the review.

1. Skypiean

4 God Races in One Piece You Need to Know

Skypiean or the inhabitants of the sky island is a race that has lived for a long time on various islands in the sky, an example is Angel Island. 

The inhabitants of the sky island are very friendly and peace-loving people. They use Dials, one of the unique weapons in the world of One Piece, for their daily needs, such as cooking.

In terms of physical characteristics, the inhabitants of the sky island (Skypiean) have a pair of small wings on their backs, which are facing upwards.

 Since childhood, they also always try to grow their hair like the antennae of insects. 

Their skin is also lighter than the Birkan and Shandia races. 

Although they are peace-loving inhabitants, the inhabitants of this sky island have been at war for hundreds of years with the Shandia (Shandoria) because they are considered intruders.

2. Shandia (Shandoria)

4 God Races in One Piece You Need to Know

Actually, the Shandia race is not from a sky island. 

They are a tribe or race who came from the moon, but later lived in the Jaya region. 

Until one day, their territory shot upwards and finally merged with the territory on the sky island. 

In appearance, this Shandia race has similarities to the Native Americans, such as the Indians.

Their bodies also tend to be covered in tattoos, and their skin color is darker than the inhabitants of the sky islands. 

They have a pair of wings that are the same size as the inhabitants of the sky islands, even their wings are the same as pointing upwards. Even though they are both from the moon, the Shandia race hates Enel and the Birkan race. 

They also had time to fight with the residents of the sky island before their relationship improved. 

The Shandia race also fought against Enel with the Straw Hat crew in the Skypea arc.

3. Birkan

4 God Races in One Piece You Need to Know

The Birkan are another god race known to have come from the moon, apart from the Shandia. 

And also they are known to be one of the races that once lived on the moon, and helped create Automata. 

After all the resources on the moon were depleted, they then left the Automata, and together with the Shandorians they then left the moon.

Physically, they bear a resemblance to the inhabitants of the sky islands and the Shandia, with a pair of wings on their backs. 

The only difference is that the wings of the Birkan race tend to face downwards. 

Although some have a shape like humans in general, this race has some uniqueness. 

For example Kotori and Hotori who have a face shape like a goat. 

The Birkan race was the cause of another war on the Sky Island. 

Enel briefly ruled the island of the sky before he was defeated by Luffy.

4. Lunarian

4 God Races in One Piece You Need to Know

The Lunarian race is the newest "god" race introduced in the series. They didn't live on the sky island, but above the Red Line territory that was currently the territory of the World Government and where Mary Geoise was.

The Lunarian race also has a pair of wings on their backs. 
However, the wingspan of the Lunarian race is larger than the other three races and also tends to be black in color.

The Lunarian race is also known to be very skilled at manipulating fire. 

In fact, it became the source of their strength and defense. 

Unfortunately, almost the entire Lunarian race is known to have become extinct. 

And King (or Arbel) is the last figure of this race.

Even though they were known to live above the Red Line territory, it was possible that they had once also lived on a sky island. 

And maybe they were even the race that led the other three.

One Piece is a series full of surprises and uniqueness. 

In addition to the uniqueness in the story, Eiichiro Oda also often presents other uniqueness such as the uniqueness of the characters. 

These four "god" races are clear evidence of this. 

Of course, it will be interesting to look forward to more information regarding these four races, including possible links to each other.

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