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One Piece: What is Monkey D. Dragon's Main Mission?

One Piece: What is Monkey D. Dragon's Main Mission?

Why is Monkey D. Dragon so eager to destroy the World Government, which in this case is the celestial dragons, and not the navy? 

This is still a mystery to this day and makes fans curious. 

Dragon is one of the most mysterious characters until now. We still don't know much about this character.

With his character still a mystery, many fans speculate and throw up theories related to Dragon. 

There are many theories circulating about the figure of Dragon and also his past. 

For example, there is a theory that says that Dragon was once a naval officer. 

There is also a theory that Dragon is a former Ciper Pol agent.

However, it is unlikely that Dragon was once a navy. 

This is because almost no one recognizes his figure. 

Also, almost no one had noticed his presence during the previous Levely. 

Then, when Wapol was shown a photo of Dragon, Wapol actually said that he didn't know Dragon.

One Piece: What is Monkey D. Dragon's Main Mission?

Seeing from the Wapol's reaction, it can be concluded that Dragon was initially unknown to many people. 

In addition, they also do not consider Dragon as a big threat if Dragon is fired or out of the navy and has a high position. 

Different things are shown when a popular navy comes out, for example, Kuzan.

We certainly know how shocked people were when Kuzan decided to leave the navy. 

And that's the reaction people should have if Dragon was once a navy and held an important position. 

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that Monkey D. Dragon is not a former naval officer.

Then, what about the theory that Dragon is a former Cipher Pol agent? 

This theory may still make sense, because they do move in the shadows. 

They are mysterious figures who have secret assignments. 

The idea that Dragon was once an agent of Cipher Pol and then decided to leave because he couldn't stand all his duties, and decided to destroy them, is also considered reasonable.

However, there is a small problem with this theory, namely that so far it is known that no Cipher Pol agent has left or been expelled from this organization. 

So we have never seen a character who has the position of a former Cipher Pol agent. 

From the start they are recruited to become agents of the World Government, serve them, and work as assassins or spies for them.

So that theory raises the question, how could Dragon easily get out of the organization? 

Not to mention, Dragon must have secret information that he brought with him while still active in CP. 

They have all been brainwashed since childhood. If Dragon was indeed a part of Cipher Pol, how could Dragon have survived the World Government's brainwashing program?

The question that then arises regarding all the explanations above is what if Dragon really wants to destroy the celestial dragons not because he was a former navy or government agent, but because he has become an inheritance from his clan or family? 

As we know, Dragon is part of the D clan like Luffy, Roger, Garp, Law, and many others.

And we also know that the D clan or family is everyone's enemy. 

They are hated and disliked by almost everyone. 

However, the descendants of D "secretly" passed down the name from generation to generation. 

Why then should it be in secret? 

Why do they become enemies to everyone? 

That is also still a big question.

One Piece: What is Monkey D. Dragon's Main Mission?

Speculation is circulating among fans that the D clan has connections with the ancient kingdom, as explained by Dr. Clover. 

The Ancient Kingdom had enemies who threatened the integrity of their kingdom and that was why they then passed on the information that happened at that time through the Poneglyphs. 

And the government of the World itself, with all its might, is trying to erase the Ancient kingdom from history.

Considering how influential the D clan was and how the WG side hated the D clan so much, it was possible that the D clan used to be the ruler of the kingdom. 

They may be family as well as the power that at that time managed to rule and control the world. 

However, then many small countries or small territories are tired of being controlled by the government and they decide to fight and destroy them.

One Piece: What is Monkey D. Dragon's Main Mission?

And the reason the World Government (after successfully destroying the Ancient Kingdom) built the organization that we know today is to replace the position of the D clan as the ruler of the world.

Those rulers purposely erased the D clan and the history of the Ancient Kingdom because if it became known to many people, then people would no longer respect the heavenly dragons and the World Government, and they would instead support the D clan.

It was there that the Dragon then appeared. 

Dragon is a figure who is considered the most dangerous criminal and is feared by people in the World Government as well as Roger. 

This can be seen from people's reactions when they hear the name Dragon. 

So, Dragon may have something in common with Roger, namely that he already knows the true history of this world.

That's why Dragon is more feared and more popular than Whitebeard, who incidentally is just as terrible as Roger. 

Dragon realized how evil and greedy the World Government really was and how they destroyed and took over the power of their ancestors. 

That's why he then formed the Revolutionary Army, to take back the legacy of his ancestors.

One Piece: What is Monkey D. Dragon's Main Mission?

And for the Dragon followers, this is their attempt to reclaim territory that is under the control of the World Government. 

According to the "prophecy" in the story, it is said that the D clan will return with a big storm. 

And the storm may be presented by Dragon and other D clans at the end of the story.

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