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One Piece Theory: 5 Treasures That May Be Hidden in Mary Geoise

One Piece Theory: 5 Treasures That May Be Hidden in Mary Geoise

With a very large and wide world like in the One Piece series, it feels natural that there are so many mysteries that appear in the story. 

This mystery becomes "fuel" for fans to then create or present various interesting theories or speculations. And of course there are lots of theories or speculations that develop among the fans.

One theory that develops is about the treasure that is inside the Mary Geoise. 

As explained in the story, Doflamingo had threatened the World Government and the celestial dragons that he would reveal a big secret that they had been keeping for hundreds of years, if they did not accept Dofy as a celestial dragon again.

Then, what treasures might they keep? 

This then became a big question for fans, which then gave rise to a lot of theories and speculations. 

Here are some theories and speculations regarding the treasures in Mary Geoise.

1. Devil Fruit Tree

One Piece Theory: 5 Treasures That May Be Hidden in Mary Geoise

This is one of the classic theories and is also widely known by fans. 

As we know, there is still not much information being shared about devil fruits, including where they come from. 

The theory states that there is a possibility that the devil fruit came from a tree in Mary Geoise. 

This is what might be an explanation for why the navy has the power of a powerful devil fruit.

In theory it is stated that in Mary Geoise there is a hidden devil fruit tree, where the devil fruit is distributed only to those who are loyal to the World Government. Unfortunately, this creates a “side effect” for them. 

As is known, after the user dies, the power of the devil fruit will enter the nearest fruit. 

This is the reason why many other people then have devil fruit powers. 

And this is also a loss of course for the government because they can't get the devil fruit back.

2. The Giant Straw Hat

One Piece Theory: 5 Treasures That May Be Hidden in Mary Geoise

In one of the chapters it is shown how the figure of Im is angry with several characters such as Blackbeard, Vivi, and of course Luffy. 

When he saw Luffy, Im seemed to remember the past. 

And he went to a storage room where there was a giant straw hat similar to the one Luffy used.

Many theories say that the straw hat belongs to Joy Boy. 

And that is the great treasure that the World Government has been hiding all this time. 

This is because there is a terrible fact behind it, namely how they killed Joy Boy to form the World Government.

3. Uranus

One Piece Theory: 5 Treasures That May Be Hidden in Mary Geoise

Ancient Weapons are weapons believed to be used by the Ancient Kingdoms to defend themselves. 

It is said that this ancient weapon is the most powerful weapon in the world. 

And it is known that there are three ancient weapons, namely Uranus, Neptune, and Pluton. 

For Neptune and Pluton itself already known form.

Neptune is the daughter of Shirahoshi, and Pluton is a ship with extraordinary destructive power. 

While Uranus is still mysterious and its shape is unknown. 

Theories suggest that the government may have this last ancient weapon hidden or stored somewhere.

4. Im

One Piece Theory: 5 Treasures That May Be Hidden in Mary Geoise

At first, we are introduced that the Gorosei are the supreme leader of the World Government. 

However, it turns out that there is a figure far more powerful than them, namely Im. 

Absolutely no information is known about this Im figure, which has given rise to many theories among fans. 

Many mention that Im is the only person from the lost century.

There is also a mention that Im knows the figure of Joy Boy. 

In fact, there are also those who say that Im is the person who killed Joy Boy. 

At its core, it's likely Im is both important and powerful. 

That's why his own theory holds that the treasure of Mary Geoise that Dofy is referring to is Im. 

It's possible that the people in the world don't even know about the figure of Im, that's why the world might be in a commotion when they find out about this figure of Im.

5. Poneglyph

One Piece Theory: 5 Treasures That May Be Hidden in Mary Geoise

A poneglyph is an artifact that usually contains information about the past, or clues about the path to Laugh Tale. 

Poneglyphs are scattered all over the world. 

With the importance of the contents of the Poneglyph, it is only natural that the World Government also owns or keeps a Poneglyph which is considered very important in its contents. 

It might contain the last bit of information about the secrets of the world or something else.

There is also a theory that it is possible that the last Road Poneglyph that shows the way to Laugh Tale is stored there. 

That's why the government is trying to keep these secret meetings closed.

They didn't want anyone to know that Mary Geoise kept the last Road Poneglyph that could be a clue for the pirates to Laugh Tale.

The World Government is the group that holds the authority for everything in the One Piece story. 

With a long history, and also full of mystery, it makes fans wonder what they have been hiding. 

The World Government itself seems to have deliberately closed the secret meeting, so that no one can shift their power.

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