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One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Yonko!

One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Yonko!

With a very high level of strength, it's only natural that the Yonko are difficult characters to beat. With such tremendous power, not everyone can defeat or even just injure them. 

Even a devil fruit user may not necessarily be able to fight and win against the Yonko. 

This can be seen from what happened to Luffy and Kaido in the battle of Onigashima. 

However, tough doesn't mean they're completely invincible. 

There are several characters who have great strength that can match the strength of the Yonko. Anyone?

1. Shiki the Golden Lion

One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Yonko!

Shiki the Golden Lion is one of the legendary pirates in the One Piece story and is someone whose strength level is on the same level as Gol D. Roger. 

Shiki was able to fight any powerful pirate and win, except for a few pirates like Whitebeard and Roger.

All of these victories arose thanks to the ability of his devil fruit, namely Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, where he has the ability to make objects fly, and he himself can fly. 

In his battle against Garp and the navy, Shiki could easily destroy half of Marineford, of which the island of Marineford is counted as a very large island. 

If Shiki didn't hold back, maybe he could just destroy the entire Marineford.

2. Kong

One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Yonko!

Kong is the supreme army leader in the World Government. 

He used to be the head of the navy when the Edd War battle took place, 27 years ago, also when Roger was executed about 24 years ago. 

With a lot of experience fighting against tough pirates, coupled with his current position, Kong is considered to be able to match the strength of the Yonko. 

Kong is also considered as one of the strongest navy, but unfortunately until now Oda Sensei still has not shown how Kong's true strength is.

3. Dracule Mihawk

One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Yonko!

Mihawk himself is now the title of the strongest swordsman in the world. 

Previously, Mihawk was part of the Shichibukai before the World Government dissolved the system and became the target of the navy. 

With this title, Mihawk has tremendous power, such as being able to see from afar and also destroy objects using the Yoru sword. 

Even though Mihawk is "only" a former Shichibukai, in reality his level can be on par with a Yonko. 

The proof is that he once fought Shanks and managed to injure him. 

Mihawk has long been a rival of Shanks.

4. Silvers Rayleigh

One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Yonko!

You must have known the figure of Silvers Rayleigh the king of darkness, who was a former member of the pirate Gol D. Roger. 

He is Roger's right-hand man and confidant. 

He is really very strong, he can even be said to be one of the strongest characters in the One Piece story despite his old age. 

Shakky has even said that he has 100 times more power than the Supernovas.

One proof of its awesomeness is that the navy never underestimated Rayleigh. 

They even needed dozens of warships and a large number of troops just to take on one Rayleigh. 

On Sabaody Island even he was able to withstand an attack from Kizaru, and injure him. 

What's even more surprising is that he mastered all three Haki, and taught Luffy the lessons he knew.

5. Sakazuki

One Piece: 5 Characters That Can Beat Yonko!

Sakazuki, or who is also commonly called Akainu, is the current head of the naval headquarters in place of Sengoku, who is now in Mary Geoise. 

Thanks to his magma devil fruit, he managed to get this position because previously Kuzan was also offered this position. 

To fight for the position of head of the naval headquarters, Sakazuki and Kuzan finally fought. 

The battle between them lasted about 10 days and had changed the weather in the Punk Hazard area.

Sakazuki had also fought the aging Whitebeard during the great battle at Marineford, and managed to survive his attack even though he was injured in the attack. 

With his 'meteor shower' ability, he can destroy an island easily as he did at Marineford where with that attack he managed to boil the ocean.

Those are 5 characters who are actually able to defeat the Yonko. If they appear, it is not impossible that the Yonko's life is in danger. 

Lucky because actually the 5 characters above very rarely appear in One Piece stories. 

If they appear, of course they become a serious threat. 

In the future, maybe Oda will introduce another strong character, who might be able to easily rival the Yonko.

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