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5 Best Female Snipers Ever in Anime

5 Best Female Snipers Ever in Anime

A sniper has an advantage that no other soldier on the battlefield has. 

One of them is that they don't need to fight physically with their enemies, because they can kill their enemies from a distance. Therefore, the job of a sniper is suitable for both male and female soldiers.

Not only in the real world, the anime world also has several female warriors who are experts in shooting from a distance. 

The following are the five best female snipers in anime? Curious who the characters are? Check out the following reviews!

1. Mine (Akame ga Kill!)

5 Best Female Snipers Ever in Anime

Mine is a member of the most dangerous rebel organization known as Night Raid. 

The thing that makes Mine a good marksman is thanks to his weapon, Roman Artillery: Pumpkin.

Without a doubt, the Pumpkin is a versatile weapon. 

Pumpkin doesn't have only one shooting mode. This weapon actually has three shooting modes. 

Mine can use Pumpkin in sniper mode, long barrel mode, and machine gun mode.

Interestingly, Pumpkin's power can be increased according to how dangerous the enemy is facing Mine. 

When Mine is faced with a very dangerous enemy, Pumpkin's power will increase many times.

2. Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats!)

5 Best Female Snipers Ever in Anime
Yuri Nakamura is one of the main protagonists in the Angel Beats! as well as the leader of the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen). 

Since it first started, this series has shown that Yuri often fights against Tenshi using a sniper rifle.

The ability to shoot long distances is actually not Yuri's only ability. 

Apart from being a sniper, Yuri is also an expert in using various weapons and is quite skilled in martial arts.

3. Sinon (Sword Art Online)

5 Best Female Snipers Ever in Anime
Real name Asada Shino, Sinon is the main protagonist in Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. 

Unlike most characters in Sword Art Online, Sinon is one of the few characters who wields a sniper rifle.

At first, Sinon became a sniper because she couldn't fight. 

However, Sinon then realized that she had a talent for shooting from a distance. 

Amazingly, Sinon was not only proficient in using a rifle, she was also good at using arrows.

4. Yoko Littner

5 Best Female Snipers Ever in Anime
As a mecha anime, most of the characters in the Gurren Lagann series use giant robots to fight. 

This does not apply to the professional sniper, Yoko Littner. 

Yoko does not need a giant robot to fight, because he can defeat his enemies with his shooting ability.

With only her sniper rifle, Yoko can defeat two Gunmen alone without getting hurt. 

Not only that, Yoko is also very skilled at shooting Gunmen's weak points, even in the middle of battle.

5.Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

5 Best Female Snipers Ever in Anime
Riza Hawkeye is an Amestris soldier and Roy Mustang's bodyguard. 

Unlike most characters in Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza is not an alchemist. 

Even so, Riza's shooting ability cannot be underestimated.

Thanks to her experience from the Ishval Civil War, Riza is very good at using rifles, especially sniper rifles. 

In fact, in the manga it is explained that Riza was named Hawkeye (Eagle Eye) because his shots never missed the target.

On the battlefield, the five characters above are characters to watch out for. 

The reason is, the five characters above can defeat all their enemies without showing their existence. 

Of the five characters above, who is your best sniper?

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