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My Hero Academia: World Hero Movie Review, is Quirk Really a Dangerous Disease?

Is quirk really a disease that can trigger the apocalypse?

Yo minna!

Alright, for this review I will discuss the anime movie that recently aired in theaters, the anime is My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. 

It can be said that this film is very different from the previous films, because the story itself provokes an act of terrorism, and the terrorist believes that quirk is a dangerous disease.

Quirk is a dangerous disease, interesting statement, isn't it? then let's discuss it together.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Synopsis 

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission

The world is not going well, one day a city has been attacked by a terrorist organization called Humarise. They attack a city with poison gas and kill everyone who has quirks.

The gas only reacts on those who have quirks, their quirks will be out of control when they inhale the gas.  

Humarise, the organization led by Flect Turn, believes that quirks are a dangerous disease that can cause human extinction. 

80% of the world's population has a quirk and only 20% of the population does not have a quirk. 

It can be said that this 20% number keeps dropping, which is why Humarise plans to exterminate all humans who have the quirks in order to save the pure mortals, i.e. those who don't have the quirks.

Seeing this, of course, the heroes all over the world did not remain silent, they joined forces and carried out the same task, namely, the destruction of Humarise.

My Hero Academia: World Hero Movie Review

Flect Turn

The first time I watched this movie, I thought it was exciting and tense.  

From the beginning of the movie, a lot of action scenes were shown. 

It opens with Flect Turn talking about the apocalypse of the world. The scene continues with the ambush of all Humarise's bases in the world.

There were a lot of pro heroes shown, one of which was the number one pro hero from Egypt, namely Salaam.  

Yes, you may have seen many films that start off with intense action scenes, but then the story will become less tense again.  

But in this movie, the action scenes are really dense, the tension is always high.

The story gets more complicated and more exciting when Deku becomes a fugitive because of a mass murder case that was suddenly accused of him.  

In addition, he is also the target of the villains who are members of Humarise because of the silver suitcase he accidentally brought.

The suitcase has some big secret, and it was instead taken by an illegal courier named Rody Soul.  

Rody Soul was actually in charge of delivering stolen diamonds, but he took the wrong suitcase and when Deku caught him, the two of them were suddenly ambushed by the police and became fugitives.

 While securing the suitcase, the two of them fled to the border where the policemen wouldn't chase them. 

Once again, action scenes continue to be shown, whether it's fighting a villain or dodging a police raid.  

The camera angle used is also very good, not monotonous, very dynamic, really showing extraordinary quality for an animated movie.

 For the final battle, I will give a hint about who Deku will fight in this fight, Flect Turn.  

The leader of Humarise actually has a quirk that can be said to be very overpowered.  

His quirk allowed him to reverse all attacks that came his way, a natural counter to reinforcement-type quirks like one for all indeed.

Every time Deku punches and kicks, the effect will return to his body, so it can be said that Deku is like kicking himself.

Overall, I recommend this anime for all of you fans of shounen anime, and it is absolutely mandatory for you to watch this series for those who are big fans.

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