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Mobile Legends x Hello Kitty Collaboration Event Release Date

Mobile Legends x Hello Kitty Collaboration Event Release Date

Mobile Legends is arguably a game that is quite popular with people in many countries in the world.

Starting from children, teenagers, to adults, not a few who play this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre game.

In order to make users feel at home, the developer of Mobile Legends, Moonton, does not stop innovating for the sake of innovation.

One form of innovation that is routinely carried out is collaborating with external parties.

As is known, Mobile Legends itself often collaborates with various parties.

In fact, it is not uncommon for this popular game to collaborate with parties that have absolutely nothing to do with the game world.

Like this latest, Mobile Legends is rumored to be launching a collaboration event with the famous Japanese cartoon character, Hello Kitty.

Just like other collaborations, collaboration with Hello Kitty will also present a number of special skins.

There are 4 Mobile Legends heroes who will get a special Hello Kitty-themed skin.

The four Mobile Legends heroes are Claude, Floryn, Chang'e, and Angela.

Claude will get a skin from a character who is a friend of Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru

Next is the hero Floryn who will get a character skin named Cinnamaroll.

Then there is Chang'e who received a special skin for the Pompompurin character, and the skin will be at the end of the month.

Lastly is Angela who gets a special skin for the main character Hello Kitty.

Based on the leaks circulating, the collaboration between Mobile Legends and Hello Kitty will be present next year.

To be precise, the Mobile Legends x Hello Kitty collaboration event will be released in February 2022.

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